Back to the 2000s Tour (Fort Wayne, IN) – 06/03/2024

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We broke out our ball chain necklaces and wide leg jeans and piled into the DeLorean to head “Back to the 2000s” with The Union Underground, SOiL, Ra and FlawWe partied like it was 2001 on Wednesday night at Piere’s in Fort Wayne, IN!! Piere’s was stop number four on this adventure back to the glory days of Nu Metal. Fort Wayne showed up on a Wednesday night, with a line down the sidewalk before doors were opening. I was in my early 20s during the early 2000s, and one thing I can say about this generation is that we are dedicated to our music!!

First up was Flaw! I had not seen them live since the early 2000s Ozzfest days. The band’s current lineup is Chris Volz [vocals], Rob Buttorff [guitar], Joshua Skellet [bass] and James Kyle Adkins [drums]. They rocked, and I was quite entertained by the band’s bassist Joshua. He made lots of faces which made my job really fun!!

Next up was the band Ra! This was the 3rd time I have gotten to capture them. Sahaj Ticotin’s voice is mesmerizing!! It was just him and his tour drummer Andrew Webb performing, but the live show was as good as always!! 

SOiL was on the docket next! They were also a band I hadn’t seen since the Ozzfest era. Current roster is Ryan McCombs [vocals], Adam Zadal [guitar], Tim King [bass] and TJ Taylor [drums]. They ripped, and the crowd loved them as well!!

Closing out the evening was The Union Underground! Again, I hadn’t seen these guys since the days of Ozzfest. The band consists of Bryan Scott [vocals], Todd “Taz” Osterhouse [guitar], Bones Elias [drums], and Diego “Ashes” Ibarra [bass]. All the build-up of energy came to a culmination as UU took the stage. The crowd took us all the way back into the early 2000s and broke a pit out, and there were also some crowd surfers!!! 

If you haven’t caught this tour yet-it’s about time to call up Marty McFly and order up the DeLorean to take you out to a show!

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