Esprit D’air (Northumbria Students Union Newcastle, UK) – 28/02/2024

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With great anticipation, we welcomed Esprit D’air to the stage. With mind-blowing light shows, erratic energy and a unique sound we know and love, Northumbria Students Union waited with great anticipation to greet these monsters of metal live on stage. Straight outta London, Esprit D’air rock a self-sustaining attitude with frontman Kai manning everything from production and mixing in his home studio to dealing with PR and social media. While not under a record label, this band has ripped the walls of metal down and show that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

With support from Diamond Black, an intense dark rock band hailing from London, you couldn’t ask for much more emotion and vibes up on the stage. With never hearing either band live before, I was astounded by the amount of awe-inspiring energy that both could consistently perform while manning a staggering amount of crowd engagement. It’s what you expect from a band, to adore their fans the way they adore them. Below are a series of photos to better describe the events that unfolded that cold evening in Northumbria University’s Reds bar.

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