Cam Cole (Backstage Club, Munich) – 07/05/2023

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Cam Cole is a contemporary singer, songwriter, and musician from London. He walks the streets and gives concerts, performing brutal music in the styles: folk, delta blues, grunge, and rock and roll. He is a man who plays all his instruments at the same time and does it in an exquisite, super enthusiastic way, full of positive energy and joy. I would say he is one of us on stage, ready to excite and unite people in the room through music. The concert in Munich was not easy on a technical level, due to some problems with the drum system and then a broken string on his guitar, but the audience didn’t seem to mind that. They were patient and understanding, taking advantage of the dead times to drink some beers and chat.

The smallest room in the Backstage, opened its doors in the most extensive version and the capacity sold out for a great concert and demonstration of a unique talent that many, like me, will not forget so soon. I also thank the super kindness of the musician to send a voice message to thank me the photos I took and his excitement to see the rest, it feels really good to hear this kind of recognition made in a personal way, so, thank you very much.

Opening the evening was one man also, Van Tastik. He performs authentic rock n roll and blues songs and managed to captivate the audience with friendliness and humour. Summing up the night we can say that just two men can entertain a lot of people and leave everyone with big smiles.

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