News Posts

The legendary death metal outfit Nunslaughter is finally after seven years releasing a brand new album with ‘Red is the Color of Ripping Death’!

Upcoming death metal outfit Sanguisugabogg signs to Century Media and unleashes a first track from their upcoming album!

Photo Reports

There was “Nothing to Gein” the first Friday of August in Ohio except metal bands that absolutely melted our faces off, with the Mudvayne “Psychotherapy Sessions” tour dropping by with support from Coal Chamber, GWAR, Nonpoint and Butcher Babies!

Last week Friday, it was time to rock in Lima, Ohio with Tesla, and supporting band Fastest Land Animal, rocking a completely sold out Veterans Memorial Center with an amazing show!

The galactic atmosphere created by Starset and sheer energy coming from both band and crowd was impressive. With the support of Red and Divide The Fall, it was really a great night at Kemba Live! in Columbus, Ohio!

The pictures of celebrating St. Paddy’s Day with 5 stellar bands and with the modern rockers of Nonpoint headlining the bill!

Gig Reports

Starset took us on a galactical trip like no other at their show at Kemba Live! in Columbus, Ohio! And with the support of Red and Divide The Fall, the evening was really packed with limitless energy to feed off from!

We caught Tantric with KrashKarma, This Day Forever and Twenty-Second Dimension at The King of Clubs in Columbus, OH!

We had quite a blast at the St. Paddy’s Day Party at The King of Clubs in Columbus, Ohio with great bands, headed by the ever amazing Nonpoint!

Festival Reports

Day 3 of Inkcarceration didn’t slow the weekend down. Beartooth kept the crowd ready to rock as they took the stage and gave it their all!

Sounding as good as they do on an album, Slipknot live is incredible. The headliner for day 1 of Inkcarceration shows they’re not going anywhere soon.