Starset (Kemba Live, Columbus, OH) – 09/07/2022

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The crowd was ALIVE at the downtown Columbus, Ohio venue, Kemba Live, on this warm July night. Starset was the headliner with support from Red and Divide The Fall. Oni was also on the bill for this tour, but couldn’t make the show for this stop. Upon walking into the venue, we were immediately impressed. There was already a big crowd, which was so good to see! We made our way through the sea of people down to the pit, and anxiously waited for the first band to take the stage. 

Divide The Fall

Divide The Fall started things off for the city of Columbus on this Saturday night. The four piece independent rock band hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota. The crowd was ready to rock, and the guys of Divide The Fall easily compounded that energy and were an amazing opening act!



On deck next was the band Red! Red is a rock band from Nashville, Tennessee and was originally formed by identical twin brothers Anthony Armstrong [guitar] and Randy Armstrong [bass], with Michael Barnes on vocals, nearly 20 years ago. Brian Medeiros is the band’s current touring drummer. Red’s stage set had a backdrop of these really cool old TVs with different graphics showing on the screens. The band hit the stage and took the baton of energy that was created by Divide The Fall and ran with it! At one point frontman Brian jumped off the stage and stood on the pit barricade and sang directly in the fans faces, which was a really cool moment to capture! They played hits such as The War We Made, Death of Me, and Breathe Into Me.


Finally it was time for Starset, back in their home state of Ohio! Starset was formed in 2013 and is made up of Dustin Bates [lead vocals], Ron DeChant [bass, keyboards, backing vocals], Brock Richards [guitars, backing vocals], and Adam Gilbert [drums, percussion], fleshed out on stage with long time serving live members Siobhán Richards [violin, keyboards] and Zuzana Engererova [cello] and the more recently added Cory Juba [guitars, synth] . The fans were absolutely ablaze and there was crowd surfer after crowd surfer coming out of the pit! It was a fun sight to see. Starset has an amazing light show and really goes all out with their space themed outfits. You truly feel like you may be on another planet while you watch their set! Dustin’s vocals and the rest of the band’s banging sounds fill you with an energy that is truly galactical. They played a 17 song set, including Carnivore, Infected, Trials, Manifest, and My Demons. They also played a little snippet of For Whom The Bell Tolls (Metallica cover), which was awesome to hear. This was my second time covering Starset and they were just as impressive as before if not more so. They have an amazing vibe that is out of this world!

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