Ignite (Nosturi, Helsinki) – 11/8/2019

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During an overly full weekend with festivals and gigs from major bands, somehow the melodic hardcore band Ignite ended up at Nosturi in Helsinki. It had been almost 10 years since they last were in Finland and despite regularly listening to some of their music, I never managed to catch them live. Time to change that!

Part Time Killer (***)

When I got to the venue, the crowd seemed quite meager. Finnish skate punk band Part Time Killer started off in front of not enough people to be honest. Their melodic and fast brand of punk works great live and every member seems to be throwing themselves completely into the game. Nowhere near groundbreaking, their high energy brought some early heat to the venue and left me satisfyingly warmed up for the main act of the night.

Part Time Killer - 15

Ignite (****)

Ignite did what they do oh so well. They came on stage and put down a damn solid show that got the filled up venue sweating and dancing very soon. They clearly wanted to play and have a good time with us, because they ended up playing over 20 tracks in their show! With classics like ‘Let It Burn’, ‘This Is A War’, ‘Nothing Can Stop Me’ and many others, one after another high velocity and emotional track was thrown at us and we all couldn’t get enough.


That these guys are very aware of what happens in the world around them, was proven again when vocalist Zoli brought up how sad it was that a venue Nosturi was going to be torn down for some fancy apartments. Something we all can agree on! It was the first time seeing these guys for me and hope it won’t be the last! Thank you for a cool weekend closer, my friends!


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