News Posts

Danish death metal band Baest unleashed a new single ‘Creature’ from their upcoming EP ‘Justitia’, including a scathing music video!

Suicide Silence unleash a banger of a track with ‘Thinking in Tongues’ and are about to embark on their US tour!

Baltimore death metal outfit Misery Index unleash another single/video with the title track of the upcoming album ‘Complete Control’!

After just recently releasing their latest single ‘Spaceman’, Electric Callboy announced their upcoming new full-length ‘Tekkno’!

On the verge of taking over Europe with their tour, Electric Callboy released another brand new single with Spaceman featuring the rapper Finch!

Danish death metallers on the rise, Baest, unveil a first track, featuring The Black Dahlia Murder’s Trevor Strnad, from their upcoming EP ‘Justitia’!

Caliban released another banger of a track with ‘VirUS’ featuring Marcus Bischoff of Heaven Shall Burn on guest vocals! A track from their upcoming album ‘Dystopia’!

Legendary German outfit Caliban announced their upcoming album ‘Dystopia’ and unleashes the title track with a dark video!

Orange County melodic hardcore heavyweights Ignite are back with another new track and video “This Day”, a single from their upcoming self-titled new album!

Swedish black metal legends Dark Funeral released with ‘Nightfall’ another single and video of their upcoming album ‘We Are The Apocalypse’!

Album Reviews

With 10 songs, this record just hits a little over 30 minutes. But those 30 minutes are worthy to put on repeat over and over again.

Pure Voivod, that is what ‘Syncro Anarchy’ is all about. Dark, wacky songs. This sonic monster takes you on an unusual ride.

Dark Funeral’s newest opus “We Are the Apokalypse” is undeniably one of the best albums in the band’s discography as it ultimately forges new methods of fusing catchy elements and rhetoric harmonies.

Blood Incantation on the newest EP bends time and space and offers a deep spiritual odyssey. A very high recommendation for fans of dungeon synth and ambient music.

With ‘Erebos’, Venom Prison steps into a new chapter of their career with a massive album that will impress a whole lot of people!

Breaking free from the mold, Wiegedood has created a musical masterpiece of discomfort, extremes and harshness!

Gemini Syndrome brings with the 3rd Degree – The Raising the final chapter in their trilogy. An excellent and powerful album full of hooked and groovy melodies.

‘Atavistic Black Disorder/Kommando’ is essential for the die hard fans of Mayhem.

Angelus Apatrida stands for solid thrash releases hailing from Spain. For fans of Megadeth and Testament.

‘Isn’t this a little weird’? Yes, yes it is. But it’s so weird that it’s good. I even dare to say genius. But I think we have to view this album more as a fun experiment than as a full release.


A small grab of what we are looking forward to the most of the many exceptional releases coming our way during May 2022!

February 2022 is yet again brimming with great releases, here’s a small selection of our most anticipated ones!

14 melodic metal/rock albums from Finland that we still wanted to give some proper attention to and you should check out still too if you haven’t yet!

Last month of 2021, still some releases coming in December that are most anticipated by our team of writers!

August proves to be a highly exciting and surprisingly full month for new releases! Here is a small selection of those that are most anticipated by our editorial staff!

Photo Reports

A parade of ’80s track suits and pimp costumes went all the way from the Noordersingel into Trix, Antwerp. And no fucks were given because we had one hell of a metal party with One Morning Left, Blind Channel and Electric Callboy!

Insomnium finally got to do their Finnish tour with Finntroll and we were at the very first stop in Helsinki!

Omnium Gatherum embarked on a little release tour for their new ‘Origin’ album and we caught them at the first stop in Helsinki. See the pics now!

Pictures of a most impressive night with Moonsorrow playing their popular ‘Verisäkeet’ album from start to finish! Check it out!

Pictures of a night of pounding beats and crushing riffs with 3teeth and Khroma in Helsinki, Finland!

The pictures of a great night in Helsinki with folk metal from Eluveitie, engaging melodic metal from Lacuna Coil and modern metal from Infected Rain!

Pictures of a night with some of black metal greats, headed by the Norwegian legends of Mayhem!

Pictures of the show Tribulation played opening for Ghost at the Hartwall Arena in Helsinki!