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Finnish melodeath masters Insomnium unveiled the title track of their upcoming EP ‘Song Of The Dusk’, set for release in November via Century Media Records, with an epic video! An extension of their earlier released ‘Anno 1696’ album that you won’t want to miss out on!

Last week, Finnish nu metal rising stars Blind Channel unleashed the new single ‘Deadzone’ upon the world with an epic video!

Electric Callboy is back to kick off summer properly with their take on the Cascade dance hit ‘Everytime We Touch’!

Belgian sludge/doom supergroup Predatory Void released more details on their upcoming debut ‘Seven Keys to the Discomfort of Being’, set for release in April via Century Media Records and unleashed new single ‘Endless Return To The Kingdom Of Sleep’!

Frozen Soul announced their upcoming new album ‘Glacial Domination’ to be out via Century Media Records in May and unleashed a first NSFW video single ‘Morbid Effigy’ featuring John Gallagher of Dying Fetus!

In anticipation of last Friday’s release of Distant’s new album ‘Heritage’ via Century Media Records, they released the video single for the title track featuring fellow deathcore label mates Lorna Shore’s Will Ramos on guest vocals!

Deathcore legends Suicide Silence shared the single and video ‘Dying Life’, another track from the upcoming album ‘Remember… You Must Die’, out via Century Media Records next month!

Tribulation will unleash the new EP ‘Hamartia’ via Century Media Records in April. Last week, they shared the single/video ‘Axis Mundi’ as a new taster for that release!

Enforced revealed the details for new album ‘War Remains’, 32 minutes of aggressive, no-frills thrash, to be released in April via Century Media Records! And unleashed a first single with ‘Ultra-Violence’!

Album Reviews

Marduk’s fifteenth studio album “Memento Mori” perfectly fits with the raw aesthetics of the band. In terms of quality and songwriting the ten tracks offer sinister and furious black metal, this is one of the band’s best albums and is set for release this Friday via Century Media Records!

The superb musicianship of US heavy metal outfit Spirit Adrift delivers another glorious record with fifth album “Ghost At The Gallows”. This comes recommended for fans of Khemmis, Black Sabbath, and Solitude Aeternus and was released via Century Media Records!

“Hamartia” showcases the band’s memorable songwriting and wittingly transitioning into an era of prosperity, Tribulation has created its own sub-genre of dark gothic music and continue to expand their trademark palette. Released via Century Media Records.

Virginia’s thrash metal/crossover act Enforced returned with an infectious thrash metal record that will be a strong contender for the albums of the year lists. For those who are hunting for some quality music to go nuts on, “War Remains” is highly recommended. Released via Century Media Records.

Metalcore institution Unearth is back with some melodic and brutal core tunes on their new album ‘The Wretched; The Ruinous’, released via Century Media Records!

The Texan old school death metal five-piece Frozen Soul returns with their second offering “Glacial Domination”, a punishing slab of heavy grooves, and stomping brutality. This is a great momentum for this band that has proved to be a top-tier talent in achieving great success in span of five years. Released via Century Media Records!

Finnish post-punk revivalists Grave Pleasures have released their new record ‘Plagueboys’ with Century Media Records a couple of weeks ago. A celebration of bleak early goth as if it were a lost record from the eighties, while still being remarkably upbeat and danceable.

With ‘Anno 1696’, Insomnium created a new refreshing album that shows a different kind of style than what they have released of late. It became a raw, blackened and fierce release that really embodies the dark part of history that it’s based on. Out this Friday via Century Media Records!

Sanguisugabogg’s newest album “Homicidal Ecstasy” is everything that the band aimed for in terms of songwriting, the songs may not be too technical or complex, but they are overwhelmingly infectious and brutal. The album is recommended for fans of grindcore and death metal, released on February 3 via Century Media Records.

Brazilian death metal juggernauts Krisiun return with a brand new album ‘Mortem Solis’ which is an explosive amalgamation, full of rapid transitions and solid brutality that will for sure please the fans. Out on Century Media Records.


Earlier this year, we talked with vocalist Lina from Predatory Void about how things came together both as a band and for the debut album, and what she hoped to accomplish with the album.

A chat with Jukka from Omnium Gatherum about their recent US tour, how they got their new EP ‘Slasher’ together with the first track featuring their new guitarist and a cover of the famous 80s song ‘Maniac’, a hint at new music that is in the works and upcoming festival shows and European tour with Paradise Lost, Primordial and Harakiri For The Sky.

A talk with Niilo and Ville of Insomnium about their new album ‘Anno 1696’, how the short story it’s based on was specially written by Niilo for the album, how much they love putting together special editions and a kind of whole experience for their fans and how they got Johanna Kurkela and Sakis Tolis to join them on some tracks!

Read the conversation we had with vocalist/guitarist Levy from the Belgian black metal outfit Wiegedood about their latest album!

Watch the chat we had with Markus Vanhala about the new Insomnium EP ‘Argent Moon’, the upcoming new work of Omnium Gatherum and his new black metal project I Am The Night!

An old chat with Olly and Mike from Monuments we dug up from our archives because it was just too much fun to keep it from you!

We had some questions about the new Napalm Death record and singer Barnye Greenway indulged us.

A video interview with Vreth of Finntroll about their upcoming album “Vredesvävd”, the first one in 7 years!

‘Zoom’ into our online video interview with Avatar’s Johannes Eckerström where we look back at Avatar Country and glimpse into Hunter Gatherer

We had a talk with Skeletal Ramains’ vocalist Chris Monroy about their upcoming album, his musical influences and more…

Photo Reports

A night of post-punk with the Finnish Grave Pleasures celebrating the release of ‘Plagueboys’ and oppressive industrial metal from Dome Runner at Korjaamo in Helsinki!

Unearth is touring through the US, presenting their recently released album on the “The Wretched; The Ruinous album release tour”, and we caught them and Upon A Burning Body at their stop in Seattle last weekend!

Electric Callboy came to set a huge 2-day party in Helsinki and even though it was a Monday night, the energy went through the roof. With support from the lovely people of Future Palace, it was a night to remember.

Leprous always stand for an exceptional live show and musical experience. Add to that Monuments and Kalandra, and we were in for a fantastic night at Helsinki’s Vanha Ylioppilastalo!

Swallow the Sun

The co-headline tour of Swallow the Sun and Draconian dropped by Het Entrepot in Bruges with warm-up act Shores of Null to deliver us a healthy dose of doom and gloom!

Insomnium came, saw and conquered at their ‘Anno 1696’ release shows at a sold out Tavastia, and so did The Abbey with their captivating doom music!

Trivium and Heaven Shall Burn resulted in an amazing night of modern heavy metal at Kulttuuritalo Helsinki with the help of Obituary and Malevolence!

Blind Channel’s biggest show to date was a visual spectacle and everything they’ve worked towards for all these years! With support from Arttu Lindeman, it was a great way to wrap up an amazing year.

Swedish melodeath legends In Flames filled Jäähalli in Helsinki with a massive crowd, along with fellow melodeath instigators At The Gates and up-and-comers Imminence and Orbit Culture to warm us up!

Dark Tranquillity and Ensiferum set Helsinki on fire with the help of supporting bands Marianas Rest and Gwendydd! And we were all too excited that concerts like they were before all this misery are happening again in full force! Moshpits, here we come!