Orbit Culture ‘Descending Into Madness EU/UK Tour (Kavka Zappa, Antwerp) – 13/03/2024

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Antwerp’s Kavka Zappa witnessed a spectacular evening with Orbit Culture headlining and Defects opening the show. For Orbit Culture, this marked not only their first headline tour but also their debut under their new record label Century Media Records. The night unfolded with a series of intense moments, as smoke filled the venue, mosh pits erupted, and crowd-surfing became commonplace. In an unexpected turn, both bands even found themselves amidst the audience, playing their songs in the midst of the mosh pit, creating a unique intimacy between the artists and the crowd. Amidst this chaos, the raw energy of Orbit Culture’s music was undeniable, with frontman Niklas Karlsson’s commanding vocals soaring above the tumult, captivating the audience.

What added to the magic of the evening was the sight of a large portion of the crowd headbanging simultaneously, their movements synchronized with the pounding rhythms emanating from the stage. Additionally, they were singing along fervently, their voices blending with Karlsson’s in a chorus of shared passion. The excitement was palpable as fans were swept away by the energy of the music. For Orbit Culture, this is just another step in their rapid ascent to the top of the metal world. With their amazing music, uncompromising approach and captivating live performances, they continue to prove why they are quickly gaining recognition as a force to be reckoned with.

Setlist Orbit Culture:
Black Mountain
North Star of Nija
The Shadowing
See Through Me
From the Inside
While We Serve
Vultures of North

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