Skálmöld (DVG Club, Kortrijk, BE) – 15/03/2024

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Skálmöld has made regular stops in Belgium on their tours over the years, both on big and small stages and we love to see them coming. This was their first performance at the DVG Club in Kortrijk since the move and revival of the venue. Located on a former industrial site and not that easy to find for first time visitors (follow the rainbow road!), the venue was nevertheless packed for the night.

The Icelandic viking metallers brought support from across the pond on this tour, with Atavistia from Vancouver, Canada and Seven Spires from Boston, USA. Atavistia kicked off with speedy riffs, screams, and a clear determined attitude not to be held back just because they were the first band of the night, pumping their energy into the room. Seven Spires followed to rile up the crowd up to the first small pit of the night. Frontwoman Adrienne Cowan showed impressive range from feral screams to soft ballads and powerful clean vocals, excellently combined with the versatile style changes from her fellow band members.

By the time Skálmöld took the stage, the place was full and hot. The stage set for what Björgvin Sigurðsson aptly described as “A real old school punk rock party”. There was moshing, there was singing along, lots of sweat and overall much enjoyment to be had. Skálmöld were clearly having fun on stage, which always makes for the best shows in my opinion. Their consistent quality, wall of sound and the fact that all members of the band sing continues to impress. Skál!

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