Polaris “Fatalism EU/UK Tour 2024” (Backstage, Munich) – 16/03/2024

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Another night of madness at the Backstage in Munich to welcome Australians Polaris. Paledusk open the show. Charged with enviable energy, the Japanese unloaded everything on stage and the audience loved it. Australians Thornhill were the second act. With a slightly slower pace than their predecessors, they managed to capture everyone’s attention with their more drawn-out songs, longer, more hypnotic guitar riffs and more melodic vocals. The third act of the night, veins of the USA. Silent Planet mix electronica with heavy sounds and do it all impeccably, with the presence and power of Garrett Russell, the band’s lead singer, standing out. Polaris are a phenomenon from across the ocean. The friendliness, strength and interactivity of this band with the audience that loves them is incredible to witness. The band shows that they are overcoming last year’s devastating loss every day and released the excellent new album “Fatalism” last year. It feels so good to see a band that gives so much of themselves on stage, thank you!


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