Cattle Decapitation (Northumbria University Newcastle, UK) – 11/03/2024

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Hello and welcome back to another photo report of some of the most earth-shattering, ear drum bursting, metal greats in a line-up suited for the great halls of Valhalla. Cattle Decapitation came, hatchets wielded, to another sold out venue. This time coming to destroy Red’s Bar at Northumbria University’s Students Union. The hype on social media was real and with four bands on the roster, the students union’s ceiling strength was sure to be tested.

First up on the bill was Vomit Fourth, a band with so much self hype they did not fail to get the crowd warmed up. Followed by 200 stab wounds, a band which had ferocious, thrash metal like vibes on stage, the crowd was (download festival quote) sufficiently sweaty right about now. Then came the one, the only, Signs of the Swarm. Being a fellow deathcore fan and having the same record label as one of my favourites I was crying like a child on Christmas Day. I could not believe the pure projection of vocals mixed with planet busting instrumentals, to which I struggled to take pictures without having a little mosh of my own!
For the final boss at the black gate, we have the mighty Cattle Decapitation. A band which I honestly haven’t had a lot of experience with have opened my eyes to the wealth of experience and precision that they have gathered over the years. I can say that I now have a new favourite on Spotify. Speaking of which, why don’t you guys go and listen to these bands on your favourite streaming site and have a look at the photos below to immerse yourselves!


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