Album Reviews

Reeking Aura’s 7 song debut ‘Blood And Bonemeal’ traverse across the desolate multiverse of old school death doom, where ample space is given for the gloomy atmosphere to work its magic. Out on Profound Lore Records.

The North Dakotan death metal act Maul offers something that will attract both new and old school fans on their debut album ‘Seraphic Punishment’. Out on Redefining Darkness Records.

The sophomore offering “Fearsick” of the U.S. death metal trio Inhuman Condition once again sets high expectations for fans of old-school death metal. Out on Listenable Insanity Records.

On their newest EP offering ‘Earthendium’ New Jersey death metal act Disma unleashes a sonic cacophony of down tuned death metal riffs that makes them among the best bands in death metal today. Out on Necroharmonic Productions.

Undeath’s sophomore release ‘It’s Time… to Rise from the Grave’ captures its trademark brutal elements and still manages to hold its own style by delivering a sense of freshness and death metal brevity.

Viogression’s 3rd full-length album “3rd Stage of Decay” offers a heavy slab of old school death metal morbidity with unforgettable riffs that bear the late 80s and early 90s trademarks! Out via Satanath Records!

“A Call to Arms” is a top-notch death metal record filled with robust energy where Jungle Rot flawlessly nails its sound as somewhat of an “elite” band in the genre, out via Unique Leader Records.

Cannibal Corpse’s fifteenth album is weighty and viscerally thrilling brought by high standards, the cohesive performance makes each song sound viciously aggressive.

“Steeping Corporeal Mess” will have you all hooked by the nifty riffs and slow tempos, there are a lot of elements which Fetid seems to be influenced by Undergang.

“Paradox” was carefully crafted by the veterans of old school metal Nocturnus AD as they present this record to the fans of the genre.