Wind Rose “European Warfront 2023” (Backstage, München, Germany) – 20/09/2023

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GRIMM was present on the first tour led by the Italians Wind Rose, who were joined by the Germans All For Metal and the North Americans Seven Kingdoms. After undergoing an upgrade in relation to the room in which they were going to play, due to the strong turnout and requests for tickets, we can certainly say that it was a great option. The largest room in Munich’s metal club was filled to full capacity with metalheads with a taste for more traditional genres.

Opening the show were Seven Kingdoms from Florida, returning to Munich after 10 years, and what a great comeback! Fun and with a great sense of humour on stage, the band showed that they love what they do, and the feeling is genuine.  They took the opportunity to present their latest album ‘Zenith’ to the Bavarian public and the audience loved it.

All For Metal are a proud German band for sure, with a classic sound that makes traditional heavy metal shine again. The band’s name says it all, and it is no coincidence that it is often assumed to be the fully written out name of their label AFM Records. With two ladies taking charge of the guitars,  Jassy Pabst and Ursula Zanichelli, showing the ability to make very beautiful and technically advanced things, the band also features a duo of vocalists who complement each other with very distinctive and harmonious voices, very characteristic of the musical genre. They really are a recipe for success, and in Munich they gave a huge concert.

Finally, on stage, the main reason for our visit, the inventors of “dwarf metal”, the Italians Wind Rose are currently making their first major tour of Europe as headliners. They’ve recently received great acceptance from the public, and presenting their latest album ‘Warfront’, they managed to attract a crowd to see them in Munich, which is proof that the public wants them, a lot!

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