Nova Twins (Strom, Munich) – 27/03/2023

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After a catastrophic day in Munich due to a general transport strike in Germany, we managed to get to the small club Strom in the centre of Munich on time.
Surrounded by an atmosphere with very young people, full of expectation and excitement to see one of the most exciting new band from the UK: Nova Twins. A moment we have been waiting for some time since they were delayed due to the well-known issues of the past couple of years…

After a catastrophic start, full of difficult technical problems to solve, and supported by the peaceful patience of the audience, Master Peace were able to show their performance. Full of joy, vivacity and friendliness, the band showed their electronic pop songs with a hint of funk and R&B and the Munich audience loved it.
What can we say about the show that followed! It was simply great from start to finish.

Nova Twins are a breath of fresh air in the current musical environment and for that reason have recently been nominated for two BRIT Awards and a Mercury Prize. For those who don’t know them yet, I’d say they’re a cross between Rage Against The Machine, Die Antwoord, Skunk Anansie, and The Prodigy.
The reason of their visit to Munich was to present their second album “Supernova” and the reception couldn’t have been better, the crowd was delirious, singing and dancing. Amy and Georgia are an explosive duo, surrounded by huge pedals that they use in an active and completely controlled way to expose their sound, accompanied live only by a drummer with excellent musical skills.

In conclusion, see these girls live and you won’t regret it!

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