Sabaton “The Tour To End All Tours” (Olympiahalle, Munich) – 15/05/2023

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15 May 2023, is marked by the grandiose passage in Munich of the Swedish Sabaton. The huge Olympiahalle was completely packed to receive the new tour “The Tour To End All Tours 2023”, referred to as the biggest and most elaborate production to date! The band’s popularity in Germany is enormous, and proof of this are the consistently high positions in the national sales charts and high ticket sales.

Opening the night while daylight was still shining inside the Olympiahalle, the Finnish band Lordi returned to action in Bavaria, a few months after their performance at the Backstage club. This time a crowd was waiting for them in the already full stands, and they paraded their hard rock songs, the constant humour of Lordi and their fantastical world of monsters and horror.

The night continues with more masked musicians, this time to announce the presence of Japan’s one and only Babymetal. The band boasts unknown identities demonstrating great technical quality and virtuosity, and the presence of lead singer Suzuka Nakamoto and her dancers Moa Kikuchi and Momoko Okazaki. A frenetic performance, with many well-rehearsed and elaborate choreographies by this trio, that leaves the audience wondering what is happening on stage. The songs in Japanese leave you completely lost as to what is being said, and everything is strange to the German world! One thing is for sure, the Babymetal show is captivating and interesting, no matter how strange it may seem to us!

As usual, the stage from Sabaton is a huge war scene, which has everything to do with the lyrics and stories told in the form of heavy music songs by the Swedish artists. After a show-stopping start, purposely missed to infuriate and excite the audience even more, the “battle” begins! A setlist of 18 songs delights the audience, along with a repulsive show of fire, confetti, foam, weapons, and theatre in between to tell stories in a conceptual way. The promises were fully delivered and this is guaranteed to be a show to recommend, the level is superior and deserves to be seen by all fans of heavy music and not only!

PS: Special thanks for the excellent reception and explanation of what was going to happen on stage to try to make life easier for all the photographers, as well as letting us photograph the whole show freely.

Setlist Sabaton

Ghost Division
The Last Stand
Into the Fire
Carolus Rex
Winged Hussars
(Motörhead cover)
Soldier of Heaven
The Red Baron
The Attack of the Dead Men
Christmas Truce


Primo Victoria
Swedish Pagans
To Hell and Back

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