SaariHelvetti 2020 – Day 1 (7/8/2020)

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A festival during this crazy time of COVID-19 pandemic? Madness you say? I guess that’s an apt description of the festival that describes itself as the “Island of Hell” or SaariHelvetti. Taking place on the Viking Island in Tampere, Finland, this relatively small festival has become a staple in the Finnish festival Summer with usually some pretty big names of the metal scene, both international and national. This time around they were forced to have a “corona edition” with only Finnish artists, but what a line-up! Gathering the top of the Finnish scene complemented with some up-and-coming bands, it promised to be quite the weekend!

With pictures from: Oceanhoarse, Bloodred Hourglass, Rotten Sound, Ruoska, Brymir, Ensiferum, Wheel

For a full report, go have a read here.

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