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Full of Hell and Nothing announce collaborative LP ‘When No Birds Sang’, a perfect marriage between 2 very different musical entities, set for release in December via Closed Casket Activities, and share a first track with ‘Spend The Grace’!

Finnish noisemongers Goatburner shared an unsettling video for ‘Dismemberment’, the latest single of their upcoming album ‘Fatal’, set for release next week via Time To Kill Records!

Finnish noisemongers Goatburner are back with a new album ‘Fatal’, set for release in September via Time To Kill Records, and shared the new single ‘Revolving Reaper’!

Goatcore misfits Milking The Goatmachine unleashed the first single ‘Children of the Horn’ from their upcoming album ‘Neue Platte’, set for release in August via Reaper Entertainment!

German brutal death surf metal mongers Stillbirth unleashed the vicious new single ‘Rising From The Ashes’, from the upcoming album ‘Homo Deus’, set for release next month via Distortion Music Group!

Dutch grindcore unit Suffering Quota shared a video for the new track ‘Out’ from the upcoming new album ‘Collide’, set for release in May via Lower Class Kids Records, 7Degrees Records and Tartarus Record

Finnish masters of grindcore Rotten Sound unleashed yet another scathing track upon the world with ‘Renewables’, from their upcoming album ‘Apocalypse’, out at the end of the month via Season of Mist!

Finnish grindcore legends Rotten Sound unleash ‘Nothingness’ from upcoming album ‘Apocalpyse’, out next month via Season of Mist. It’s a blistering and short track, don’t blink or you’ll miss it!

Finnish grindcore legends Rotten Sound shared the new track & video ‘Suburban Bliss’, another track from upcoming ablum ‘Apocalypse’, out in March via Season of Mist!

Long-running deathgrind outfit Cattle Decapitation is set to release their next full-length ‘Terrasite’ in May via Metal Blade Records!

Photo Reports

Last month, Circuit Breaker Bookings with All Out Productions brought grindcore juggernauts Full Of Hell all the way from US to a fully sold out On The Rocks. And with supporting acts Kuvotus and Dome Runner, this was by far one of the most intense nights we have witnessed of late. A night full of blood, sweat and broken glass, with constant moshpits and stagediving!

Steelchaos day 2 was yet another spectacle, both musically and visually, with shows from Chevalier, Horna, Cadaveric Incubator, Torture Killer, Lord Fist and the epic “Black Metal” anniversary celebration by Venom Inc.!

Pictures of the warm-up show for the first edition of Hellsinki Metal Horizons with Exciter, The Hirvi, Cannibal Accident and Satan’s Fall!

Spoil Engine

Spoil Engine’s last performance with Iris in De Kreun, Kortrijk.

The pictures of the first day of SaariHelvetti, one of the only festivals in Finland during the summer of 2020! Check it out!

Pictures of the show of Napalm Death’s ‘Campaign for musical destruction’ tour 2020 in Trix, Antwerp.

Check out our pictures from a day filled with some of the best names in Grind metal.

Album Reviews

Mexico’s powerhouse death/grindcore band Brujeria returns with their long-awaited album “Esto Es Brujeria”. The fifth album offers sixteen high-octane death grind songs with tight drumming, a solid release from these unhinged Mexicans out now via Nuclear Blast!

The long-awaited comeback album “Make Them Beg For Death” from the U.S. brutal death metal/grindcore Dying Fetus brings the expected top-notch, high caliber quality we all expected. An absolute monster of an album, released on September 8 via Relapse Records!

The tenth opus “Terrasite” in Cattle Decapitation’s catalog focuses on the slower melodic trademarks without sacrificing its sonic brutality. This is another high-quality output from these progressive death metal/grindcore maniacs, and I will not be surprised to see it on fans’ top albums of the year. Out via Metal Blade Records!

“Reality Rotten to the Core” sums up the extreme side of the eighties grindcore music, the Japanese quartet FesterDecay managed to deliver a putrid mix of grindcore and death metal that brings a breath of the rotten stench to the mortuary. Out via Everlasting Spew Records.

Full of Hell’s latest outing on Relapse Records: ‘Garden of Burning Apparitions’. Hell never sounded so filthy.

Fuck the Facts is back with ‘Pleine Noirceur’. An album that mixes their trademark grindcore sound with an emotional aspect that really hits home.

Anaal Nathrakh is back with yet another release of their signature blend of several extreme metal genres!

Finland’s Mustasuo deliver an intense and quite memorable experience with their second full-length record, ‘Katharsis’.

Caustic Wound have transformed their debut into a harsh and jarring experience of corrosive grindcore mastery.

Rat King’s ‘Vicious Inhumanity’ scores high in its first half, but leaves somewhat to be desired towards the end.


A talk with Juan Brujo from Brujeria shortly before their show in Helsinki last summer, about their show at Obscene Extreme that started the Europe leg of the ‘Matando güeros’ anniversary tour, how crazy things get when they hit South America, and about the new album ‘Esto es Brujeria’ (out today via Nuclear Blast)!

With the new Full Of Hell album just out, we fired off a couple of questions in the direction of frontman Dylan, who graciously provided some interesting answers!

We had a chat with Jón Már Ásbjörnsson, vocalist for Icelandic hardcore unit Une Misère. Here are some details about the band, their next album and the dark place that is Iceland.

I met up with Rotten Sound’s Keijo Niinimaa who had some interesting insights about their last Europen Tour, the band’s history and their latest EP ‘Suffer to Abuse’

I met up with Rotten Sound’s Keijo Niinimaa who had some interesting insights about their last Europen Tour, the band’s history and their latest EP ‘Suffer to Abuse’

A talk with Ville and Mitja about the music and its pagan spirit.


If you are still looking for a great summer destination, here are 10 festivals that might make Finland the ideal place to go for you with #Horizon23, Rockfest, Tuhdimmat Tahdit, Nummirock, Tuska, John Smith Festival, SaariHelvetti, Dark River Festival, Hellsinki Metal Festival and Flow Festival!

Steelchaos is back! If that is not reason enough to get yourself a ticket still, here are 5 reasons why you should still consider to go this weekend, including the exclusive Finland “Black Metal” 40 years anniversary show of Venom Inc.!

This list is not for the faint of heart. A selection of releases that we experienced as being some of the most intense unleashed during 2021.

Last month of 2021, still some releases coming in December that are most anticipated by our team of writers!

Not including these records in my top 2020 was just too painful.

Some good old familiars and a couple of big surprises made it to the albums of the year 2020 for Glenn!