Spoil Engine – Last show with Iris (De Kreun, Kortrijk/Belgium) – 28/04/2022

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Happy for the umpteenth Spoil Engine show I got to attend, but also sad, because it was the last one with Iris, and probably not just for me, but for many, Iris became an inseparable part of Spoil Engine! I already feel sorry for whoever has to follow up on her because that’s a tough – if not impossible – task ahead! For 7 years she has given us everything she had in her. She helped to make Spoil Engine what it is today. We’ve seen them many times live, and every time you couldn’t help but being deeply impressed by her appearance and her amazing voice!

They say all songs come to an end, and so does the Iris era! She decided to exchange the Netherlands for California, where the winters are warmer and there’s nothing we can do about that! However she has promised that we might meet her again in our regions in the summertime. After all, she has her roots here and so she intends to come back whenever she can.

At the end of the show Steven (Gaze) took the microphone to say a word of gratitude. He brought back memories of how Iris came knocking at Ace’s studio’s door for the audition 7 years ago. Ace must have then said to Steven: This is a natural talent, you have to take her in ’cause if you don’t,  I will! He also said a big thank you to all the fans who come out for live shows so that this kind of shows can continue to happen. In addition to the usual fans, we must also mention that the ex-members Matthijs, Bart, Steven and Nick were also present to attend this show.

A dignified closing you might call it. A show where she gave everything, as usual, but after the show, she also took the time to meet, and take pictures with… all the fans! Yes, all of them! (who wanted). The pictures were posted on their Facebook page the very next day. With ‘Stormsleeper’ playing in the background while writing this, we can only close with a heartfelt thank you for the past 7 years! Iris, you will be missed!

(Warm up act by Coffin Feeder)

See you later Iris! (no farewell!) Hope to see you in future musical projects and wishing you all the best!

You were amazing!

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