Dying Fetus – Make Them Beg for Death

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Baltimore, Maryland-based brutal/grindcore death metal act Dying Fetus finally returns after a six-year hiatus with a brand-new album “Make Them Beg for Death” out on Relapse Records on September 8th, 2023. Led by the founder guitarist/vocalist John Callagher, bassist/vocalist Sean Beasley, and drummer Trey Williams, the ninth album cements the extreme brutality and technical prowess of the band.

Dying Fetus is one of the bands that don’t mess around with its relentless energy, frenetic pace and constant bludgeoning. Ever since they released their album “Destroy the Opposition” the band’s musical evolution took a turning point and contributed to pursuing merciless aggression. While the later albums like “Reign Supreme” and “Wrong One to Fuck With” were absolutely rip-roaring in every sense and chock-full of monstrous savagery. “Make Them Beg for Death” kicks off with Dying Fetus’s technical proficiency on the opening track “Enlighten Through Pain” pummels the shit out of you, the trademark of the brutal splatter riffing is propelled by bulldozing drums.

From its infectious-groovy riffs fusing brutal death metal grind-core into one hell of a whirling tempo, to the gore briskly paced guitarist/vocalist John Gallagher infuse the technical characteristics of the band. Dying Fetus flawlessly displays its moshing riffs with the matching of the frenetic speed of the crushing drums and like a crowbar of iron smashing the skulls. The stench of death oozes through the following track “Compulsion for Cruelty” bringing some ass-kicking chunky death/grind metal riffs and hooky grooves to this track, combining an unprecedented level of speed.

The technical aspects of the guitars and the drumming are measured over the tempo breakdowns, even the solo section is professionally inserted into the song structure. The sleek transitions from the grooving wizardry to brutal dynamics are rather showcased in the track “Feast of Ashes”. Bassist/vocalist Sean Beasley and drummer Trey Williams escalate their unconventional methods of boosting compositional catchiness and demonstrating their individual skills. The album features tons of meaty death grind riffs weaving aural violence, the production of the album is polished and modern, and drums serve as a backbone for the slamming riffs. The band’s technical mastery is flawlessly characterized by the gripping riffing assault, which is always on a high note.

Having said that, the drums are almost mechanically executed at full throttle, with the contrasting palette of modern grindcore offering ferocious moments. Through the thirty-eight minutes Dying Fetus builds to a powerful climax there are no filler tracks and the songs lack any quality, instead, drummer Trey Williams unleashes punishing blast beats while guitarist/vocalist John Callagher provides insane chugging. The guitar tone is absolutely brutal and always has thrilling madness to it.

The adrenaline ride continues with some highlight tracks like “Throw Them in the Van” and “Unbridled Fury” which inject catchy riffs and brutal drumming that contrast with the chugging guitars, The grooving section halfway through the song is incredibly catchy. Dying Fetus stepped up the game with its brutality and managed to launch a massive comeback on its new album.

Make Them Beg For Death” is ultimately packed with an energetic set of composition and technical prowess, untamed brutality, and impulsive blast beats. “When The Trend Ends” has some merciless bludgeoning moments and guttural growls that show the trademark presentation of brutality kicking in at double kick pedals, heavy bass guitar, and the riffing quality that is laden with abrupt tempo changes.

The drums are played fast as each track integrates into an excellent colossal sound, even when shifting to sporadic blast beats the guitars match the furious rhythm. “Undulating Carnage” is one of the catchiest and most memorable tracks that balances the filthy death grind ingredients with riffs colossally brutal, while there are certainly plenty of swaggering lead guitars, melodies, and solo sections.

Enfolding some of the most sadistic riffing in the track “Raised In Victory/Razed In Defeat” ensures unrelenting aggression by the drums triggering some insane blasting sections at the beginning of the track. Titanic chainsaw riffs cut through the flesh and the never-ending violence is unforgiving, the chainsaw riffing draws your attention to the whirling powerful force that sounds as fierce.

Hero’s Grave” and the closing track “Subterfuge” launch the blood-chilling dual growls with relentless drumming assaults that maintain a frenzied pace. In terms of production and quality, Dying Fetus has upped the ante with the fact that “Make Them Beg For Death” holds grisly thrills and delivers the expected quality of sounding extremely brutal and catchy.


  • Music / Songwriting 10/10
  • Vocals / Lyrics 9/10
  • Mix / Production 10/10
  • Artwork & Packaging 10/10
  • Originality 9/10

Dying Fetus managed to top its 2017 album “Reign Supreme”. There are no weak moments on the album, in conclusion this is an extreme slab of brutal death grindcore and probably their most accomplished work.

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