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Atmospheric black metal overlords Wolves In The Throne Room share the official video for ‘Twin Mouthed Spring’, one month before the release of the ‘Crypt of Ancestral Knowledge’ EP via Relapse Records!

Death metal overlords Dying Fetus are back with a new album ‘Make Them Beg For Death’, set for release via Relapse Records in September and shared a single with ‘Feast of Ashes’!

Windhand’s Dorthia Cottrell shares the new single ‘Harvester’ from ‘Death Folk Country’, her upcoming solo album with Relapse Records set for release in April!

Florida death metal icons Obituary announce their upcoming new album ‘Dying of Everything’ set for release in January 2023 via Relapse Records! Catch them live on their US and Europe tours!

Death metal outfit Ripped To Shreds shared the track ‘漢奸 Race Traitor’ from their upcoming debut album ‘劇變 (Jubian)’, out next month via Relapse Records!

Absent In Body unveils the first oppressive track ‘The Acres/The Ache’, from their upcoming debut album ‘Plague God’!

Author & Punisher announced their highly anticipated upcoming full-length ‘Krüller’ and gives us a first taste with the track ‘Drone Carrying Dread’!

Red Fang is no more… see the eulogies by Matt Pike and Yob and the many other guests at their funeral in the new video for ‘Rabbits In Hives’!

Full Of Hell is back with another crushing single of their upcoming new Relapse Records album ‘Garden of Burning Apparitions’!

Album Reviews

Washington-based atmospheric black metal outfit Wolves In The Throne Room treat the fans with yet another grim and ambient piece of black metal on the newest EP “Crypt of Ancestral Knowledge” out now via Relapse Records on September 29th.

The long-awaited comeback album “Make Them Beg For Death” from the U.S. brutal death metal/grindcore Dying Fetus brings the expected top-notch, high caliber quality we all expected. An absolute monster of an album, released on September 8 via Relapse Records!

Incantation has evolved over the past 30 years and “Unholy Deification” is another solid and visceral album from these veterans who have delivered a slab of familiar yet very fresh material for the fans. Out via Relapse Records.

Pennsylvanian five-piece formation Outer Heaven offers its putrid grotesque themes of cosmic death metal on the newest studio album ‘Infinite Psychic Depths’. This is perhaps the band’s most twisted and putrid record to date. Outer Heaven has mutated into something morbid. Out on Relapse Records on July 21.

Journey with us to the ‘Death Folk Country’, the sophomore solo album from Dorthia Cottrell, the enigmatic lead singer from doomed heavy hitters Windhand. A bleak journey through a set of sparse, sombre songs that takes little inspiration from doom, but all the more from folk and country. Out via Relapse Records.

Death metal veterans Obituary’s 11th album offers superior aesthetics for defining the style of Florida’s death metal at its finest. “Dying of Everything” will grind your bones to pieces, out via Relapse Records.

“劇變 (Jubian)” is an extreme and brutal death metal record that mixes classic grindcore and death metal elements, there are many bands today that seem to bring a form of classic nostalgia but Ripped To Shreds has found the right balance between these elements. Out via Relapse Records.

Made out of part Eternal Champion and part former Magic Circle comes Sumerlands’ sophomore on Relapse Records ‘Dreamkiller’ which sees these heavy metal warriors take on a more AOR oriented approach. So strap yourself into the Delorean, fire up the flux capacitor and head for the Sumerlands. They don’t have roads there.

Author & Punisher is back with yet another crushing album filled with inhuman soundscapes that are enhanced by newly found human touches!

Full of Hell’s latest outing on Relapse Records: ‘Garden of Burning Apparitions’. Hell never sounded so filthy.

Photo Reports

Trivium and Heaven Shall Burn resulted in an amazing night of modern heavy metal at Kulttuuritalo Helsinki with the help of Obituary and Malevolence!

Pictures of a dark, cozy and atmospheric acoustic show by the illustrious Myrkur…