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Floridian-based death metal heavyweight Obituary seems to capture the real core of the band’s classic sound on the 11th album “Dying of Everything” out via Relapse Records on January 13th, 2023. Obituary made a name for themselves in the death metal genre for being one of the legendary bands in the U.S. Since then, they’ve made an impact on fans around the world. Obituary’s early albums “Slowly we Rot” and “Cause of Death” were both great classics from the past and will always remain the best albums in the band’s discography. Despite the great effort, Obituary hasn’t changed in the last three and half decades each studio album was well received by the fans.

But there are many reasons why the 11th album looks like it might be a game changer for John Tardy (vocals), Trevor Peres (rhythm guitar), Donald Tardy (drums), Terry Butler (bass guitar), and Kenny Andrews (lead guitar). “Dying of Everything” is already a strong contender for one of the best albums of the year 2023. And based on what we’ve heard so far without a shadow of a doubt this might very well be the band’s best output in years. Although not in the sense of innovation or any bullshit, “Dying of Everything” is a stomping banger. The brutal crushing of the drums and the guttural-soaked growls of John Tardy sound more deep and violent, all equipped with monstrous nifty riffs. From the opening track “Barely Alive” bursting with intense heavy guitars and upbeat tempo, Obituary leaves no excuse for debate.

John Tardy is a monster behind the mic, his roars are followed by the rumbling heavy bass guitar. The band delivers the abrasive tone of 90s death metal. If there is one thing Obituary knows how to do is piecing together a brutal package chock-full of organic riffing. The tracks take a mid-paced chugging direction seamlessly blending catchy rhythms. The guitars are loud and there seems to be a clear approach to crafting insane riffing on the album provided by the veterans Trevor Peres and Kenny Andrews. Obituary knew that they were up to the task and the fact that they had spent considerable time scalping these killer riffs that perfectly have the classic sound of the 90s death metal.

Each of the 10 tracks offers energetic grooves that combine pummeling double bass, ultimately enough “The Wrong Time” finds the veterans crafting some catchy grooves, in addition, the songs are packed with hooky solos. The groundbreaking performance of John Tardy comes as the harsh guttural howl of anguish, many riffs echo back to Obituary’s crude beginnings. The fuzzy guitar tone and rhythm are interlaced with stomping drums and while tracks like “Without A Conscience” maintain a massive tone of brutality and violence deep groans swell like a horde of marching zombies.

Obituary brings its morbid extremity into the play, where there are many songs that remind me of their classic album “World Demise” with the massive emphasis on grooves and remarkable guitar solos and nifty leads pushing the limit to the extreme limits. “War” opens with some energetic riffs that exhilarate excellent performances from Terry Butler and the rest of the band. “Dying of Everything” contains heavy chugs and the drums are highly organic not to mention the superb quality of the boisterous-driven guitars and the face-melting solos.

The second half of the album ensures some stellar moments in the guitar department with the fiery anger of the lead guitar on “My Will To Live” providing a great deal of chunky infectious riffs. The robust formula of mid-paced grooves and double bass sections are expertly structured with the down-tuned guitars, “By The Dawn” opens with a deafening bass tone, and the guitars set a foreboding doom atmosphere. This is one of the tracks that alternate from the groove to imposing brutal intensity.

Weaponize The Hate” is full of bulldozing guitars and pulverizing drum patterns. You can still hear the primary elements of Celtic Frost in the sense of grimy riffing, nevertheless Obituary has released its best album in many years, and the fact that the new endeavor sets a new record for the band. “Torn Apart” is a grinding mid-tempo crusher professionally delivered by the skillful drumming of Donald Tardy who provides killer drum fills throughout the album. The closing track “Be Warned” is arguably Obituary’s slowest track that shows the doomy side of the band in delivering raw, sludgy, and unfiltered mid-paced death doom. Even after three and a half decades, there is much to say about these veterans therefore “Dying of Everything” marks a great success for the band in exhibiting its unrivaled trademarks.


  • Music / Songwriting 9/10
  • Vocals / Lyrics 9/10
  • Mix / Production 10/10
  • Artwork & Packaging 8/10
  • Originality 10/10

The 11th album offers superior aesthetics for defining the style of Florida’s death metal at its finest qualities, from the songwriting prowess to the confidence of these veterans, “Dying of Everything” will grind your bones to pieces.

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