Album Reviews

Richmond, Virginia based-death metal band Left Cross returns with the second offering “Upon Desecrated Altars”. If you’re into bands like early Grave and Bolt Thrower then make sure to give this album a listen, the album is out since last Friday November 10th, via Profound Lore Records.

Florida’s death metal titans Cannibal Corpse bounce back with their sixteenth album “Chaos Horrific” fulfilling their legacy as they once again fortify the ante. With Erik Rutan making his second appearance, Cannibal Corpse deliver some brutal material to their fans yet again. Out on September 22nd via Metal Blade Records!

Pennsylvanian five-piece formation Outer Heaven offers its putrid grotesque themes of cosmic death metal on the newest studio album ‘Infinite Psychic Depths’. This is perhaps the band’s most twisted and putrid record to date. Outer Heaven has mutated into something morbid. Out on Relapse Records on July 21.

Death metal veterans Obituary’s 11th album offers superior aesthetics for defining the style of Florida’s death metal at its finest. “Dying of Everything” will grind your bones to pieces, out via Relapse Records.

“In Nomine Diaboli” shows the Texan quartet Imprecation in its strongest form, offering a slew of demonic brutal death metal. The new studio album is a demonic pandemonium that captures the hellish aesthetics of blackened/death metal, out on October 14 via Dark Descent Records.

California-based retro death metal quartet Mortuous offers a feast of filthy riffs on the sophomore release ‘Upon Desolation’ which blends different styles from death and doom metal, similar to bands like Necrot, Autopsy and Vastum. Out on Carbonized Records.

Phobophilic’s ‘Enveloping Absurdity’ offers one of the year’s bone-chilling classic death metal albums. Out on Prosthetic Records.

Texan death metal quartet Fleshrot managed to offer up a foul dish for fans of old-school death metal on their first studio album ‘Unburied Corpse’. Out via Me Saco un Ojo Records.

‘The Lower Catacombs’, the sophomore album fromNew Jersey death metal act Blasphematory is a raw piece of muddy death metal that incorporates elements from old school death with hints of death/doom metal. Out on Nuclear Winter Records.

Sentient Horror has mastered the sheer power of the Swedish style of death metal and the fact that they have left fans anticipating a return to action on the third album “Rites of Gore” is a powerful onslaught of aggression.