Album Reviews

“In Nomine Diaboli” shows the Texan quartet Imprecation in its strongest form, offering a slew of demonic brutal death metal. The new studio album is a demonic pandemonium that captures the hellish aesthetics of blackened/death metal, out on October 14 via Dark Descent Records.

California-based retro death metal quartet Mortuous offers a feast of filthy riffs on the sophomore release ‘Upon Desolation’ which blends different styles from death and doom metal, similar to bands like Necrot, Autopsy and Vastum. Out on Carbonized Records.

Phobophilic’s ‘Enveloping Absurdity’ offers one of the year’s bone-chilling classic death metal albums. Out on Prosthetic Records.

Texan death metal quartet Fleshrot managed to offer up a foul dish for fans of old-school death metal on their first studio album ‘Unburied Corpse’. Out via Me Saco un Ojo Records.

‘The Lower Catacombs’, the sophomore album fromNew Jersey death metal act Blasphematory is a raw piece of muddy death metal that incorporates elements from old school death with hints of death/doom metal. Out on Nuclear Winter Records.

Sentient Horror has mastered the sheer power of the Swedish style of death metal and the fact that they have left fans anticipating a return to action on the third album “Rites of Gore” is a powerful onslaught of aggression.

Abysmal Dawn on the latest EP “Nightmare Frontier” has added some spicy ingredients to the composition which effortlessly explores the melodic direction.

Everlasting Spew Records releases a top notch split album that features new rising death metal acts like Ritual Necromancy and Fossilization.

Immolation’s 11th “Acts Of God” wields a slew of obscure tracks that see them sitting atop the death metal throne, this is without a doubt a serious contender for the albums of the year 2022 lists!

‘Realms of Exquisite Morbidity’ is far from a generic death metal album. The songs are as complex and heavy as a
monolithic mountain.