News Posts

Brutal death metal outfit Stillbirth will release their new album ‘Homo Deus’ in April via Distortion Music Group and unleashed a first single/video ‘Autonomous Eradication’!

Benighted released a special Halloween track with ‘Stabbing The Weak’, including an exclusive band shirt in theme!

Who wants to play a game of “spot the horror film reference” with BDM Texans Architectural Genocide?

Get stoked for the new Abysmal Dawn! Stream their new single here.

Prutrified J announce upcoming EP ‘The Deep End Of Horror’ and give us a preview with their first single ‘Seeds Of Infamy’.

Brutal Assault is back at it with more new bands for the 2019 line-up!

Revulsed signs to Everlasting Spew Records for a new record!

Brutality over Peer is sporting yet another incredibly brutal line-up.

Album Reviews

Suffocation’s brutal and technical legacy remains the main attribute of these U.S. veterans, with the 9th album ‘Hymns From The Apocrypha’ guaranteeing a lesson in slamming brutality of the NY death metal style, out now via Nuclear Blast Records.

Canadian brutal/technical death metal collective Cryptopsy showcase a great deal of aggression and brutality on their newest endeavor “As Gomorrah Burns” out now via Nuclear Blast.

The long-awaited comeback album “Make Them Beg For Death” from the U.S. brutal death metal/grindcore Dying Fetus brings the expected top-notch, high caliber quality we all expected. An absolute monster of an album, released on September 8 via Relapse Records!

Besides the grisly cover album, “Blackened Cerebral Riffs”, the third album from Northern New Jersey brutal death metal project Dead And Dripping is one of the best releases from Transcending Obscurity Records and marks a great achievement for the sole member who shows an expected talent in his newest endeavor.

Olkoth’s debut album “At The Eye of Chaos” is a superior death metal record that is highly recommended for the aficionados of extreme and technical music, do not hesitate to tune into the madness, released via Everlasting Spew Records.

Finland’s death metal act Cryptic Hatred has released one of the year’s most brutal death metal albums, ‘Nocturnal Sickness’. If you crave for some old Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation, then this is for you. Out on The Other Records.

“Apexapien” holds like a block of concrete by the cohesive force of the members who excelled in their ability to craft an energetic slab of technique and brutality.

Putrevore’s “Miasmal Monstrosity” is relentlessly brutal and holds true to the band’s musical nature in presenting a putrid and odious quality of brutal death metal.

On their first studio album Diabolizer conveys the traditional dynamics of the late nineties and early 2000s brutal death metal. ‘Khalkedonian Death’ is recommended for fans of Severe Torture, Vomitory and Grave.

‘Humanoid’ is by far one of the best EPs released this year. If you are into old-school brutal death metal, then I recommend checking out their latest effort.

Photo Reports

Last month, Circuit Breaker Bookings with All Out Productions brought grindcore juggernauts Full Of Hell all the way from US to a fully sold out On The Rocks. And with supporting acts Kuvotus and Dome Runner, this was by far one of the most intense nights we have witnessed of late. A night full of blood, sweat and broken glass, with constant moshpits and stagediving!