Desolate Tomb return with the bludgeoning brutality of 'Scorned By Misery'

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The wait is over! After five years Dakota Whiteside is back with a new album from his brutally bludgeoning sonic creation, Desolate Tomb. Ten new tracks of soul shaking intensity, ten new demonstrations of destruction, ripe with the potential for utter devastation, brought together to form one of the heaviest expositions of extremity ever unleashed! This is the ultimate distillation of Desolate Tomb‘s cataclysmic, ruinous sound; this is Scorned By Misery

Scorned By Misery, the second full length album to emerge under the Desolate Tomb banner, takes everything that was good about debut album Cast From God’s Sight and adds more unrelenting, ruthless attack, turns every dial to the max and injects a knowing twist, a flair born of absolute confidence and an industrial sized shot of that magic that only infuses a band’s song writing and performances when all the stars align. Dakota Whiteside took his time formulating this armour plated battalion of songs and his meticulous patience is justified in every perfectly pummelling second of tracks like first single, ‘Yearning Maw Of Persecution‘, which features a larynx lacerating vocal performance from Squelching‘s Jaden Pruitt. Indeed, Scorned By Misery is rife with vicious, visceral performances from an array of extreme vocal talent – including Jon Davenport of Cultist and Sam Dishington of Separatist – and for every acidic syllable roared forth there’s a rabid riff, a bone-breaking blast, an explosion of glorious chaos to match. Every element of Scorned By Misery is reaching new peaks of crushing heaviness, inspired inventiveness and sheer addictive brilliance for the Desolate Tomb war machine.

Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Dakota Whiteside at his home studio, every note, every beat of Scorned By Misery lands with portentous weight and bruising impact. With the might of Rottweiler Records behind them, when Desolate Tomb detonate this weaponised collection of brutal death metal force and ravenous deathcore ferocity on February 23rd, you better run for cover

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