Killing Addiction sets release date for Omega Factor Reissue


Legendary Florida death metallers Killing Addiction are about to see their classic debut album, Omega Factor, reissued on March 9th through Xtreem Music. It was also on March 9th, but in 1993, when this masterpiece was originally released, and now it’ll come with original revamped artwork, enhanced sound, and as bonus, their Legacies of Terror demo from ’90 and Necrosphere 7″EP from ’91.

Emerging from Florida at the end of 80’s, Killing Addiction developed their heavy and crushing brand of death metal, different from any other band from Florida, through their debut demo and 7″ EP until their first album came out in ’93 and another EP in ’94, after which the band split up to reform 10 years later and releasing three new EPs from 2010 to 2015. Blending influences from bands like Carcass, Rottrevore, Morbid Angel, Death, Possessed, and Napalm Death, this classic debut album is a must-have for every self-respecting death metal fan!

Release date for Omega Factor” will be March 9th through Xtreem Music on CD format. Vinyl version will come later on.

1. Omega Factor
2. Equating the Trinity
3. Nothing Remains
4. Dehumanized
5. Altered at Birth
6. Necrosphere
7. Global Freezing
8. Impaled
9. Necrosphere [7″ EP ’91]
10. Covenant of Pain [7″ EP ’91]
11. Impaled [7″ EP ’91]
12. Nothing Remains [Demo ’90]
13. Well of Souls [Demo ’90]
14. Condemned [Demo ’90]
15. Necrosphere [Demo ’90]