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Like a Storm – Catacombs

It eats you and there’s no other way than to absorb the music and listen to this story. Each and every song has a unique sound to it. Yet they are similar enough to...

A Tear Beyond release new video for “Frolic”!

A second video made for a track from A Tear Beyond's latest release "Humanitales"!

Six Feet Under releases collection of previously unreleased material with ‘Unburied’

Six Feet Under treats you with some lost tracks from earlier recording periods!

Manticora releases their first video for “Echoes Of A Silent Scream”

Manticora releases a first video for their upcoming new album!

King Dude announces ‘Music To Make War To’ LP and premieres first single!

King Dude is releasing a new album and will be touring Europe coming Fall!

Gyze announce European tour dates and brand new EP ‘The Rising Dragon’ is out now!

Gyze just released a new EP and are coming to Europe this Summer!

Therapy? launch music video for ‘Callow’

Therapy? unleashed a video for their brand new single!

Crossfaith announce new album “Ex_Machina”!

After several EP's, Osaka based outfit Crossfaith is back with a full album in August!

Grave Digger unveil cover artwork and tracklist for upcoming album “The Living Dead”!

The German heavy metal legends Grave Digger announce more details of their upcoming new album "The Living Dead"!

Beer themed band Trappist announce debut album “Ancient Brewing Tactics” and gives more details!

We've known since long that beer and heavy music goes well together... now there's a band that evolves completely around (craft) beer! Crack open a cold one and check...