DOOL is releasing their anticipated new album ‘Summerland’ later this year!

On April 10th the band Dool from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, is releasing their much anticipated sophomore album ‘Summerland‘ via Prophecy. ‘Summerland‘ was recorded in the DAFT studio in Malmédy, Belgium and Studio Cobra in Stockholm, Sweden with Martin Ehrencrona (Tribulation, In Solitude). The mix and mastering was taken care of by Cult Of Luna’s drummer Magnus Lindberg in Redmount Studio in Stockholm. Sulphur & Starlight, the first single of the album is available now:

Summerland‘ is the follow-up for the in 2017 released debut album ‘Here Now, There Then’. Singer, guitarist and driving force behind the band, Ryanne van Dorst:

“Our debut Here Now, There Then was a big experiment because we could not foresee at all how the band would sound. I took the skeletons of songs I had written to the other members, and we just started to jam, seeing what would happen. That was what we recorded, but we only found our own style while playing gigs during the last few years”.

Summerland shows how much Dool has grown the past years – bigger and more varied on all levels. The album brings a mix of dark and post-rock, with influences from the Middle Eastern, psychedelic and metal. The songs on Summerland handle reaching heavenly pleasures on earth; ecstasy, rest and freedom. Van Dorst was also inspired by the book ‘What Dreams May Come’ of Richard Matheson, like a modern interpretation of the Biblical cycle of hell.

The album title ‘Summerland‘ comes from paganism:

“Since I usually write from experience and about what keeps me awake at night, I was asking myself what makes me happy on this existential plane and how the ideal afterlife would look like. This became a recurring motif throughout the lyrics in the shapes of sex, magic, psychedelics and many other means to invoke this ‘summerland’ in the here and now.”

Sulphur & Starlight is de eerste single van het album. 

“Sulphur & Starlight is a song about dualism. The reflection and the reflected, two sides of the same mirror. What is left of one Self in the eye of the Other and vice versa? It is the opening track of Summerland and makes a great starting point for the journey through the album’s theme.”

Dool will present ‘ Summerland‘ at Roadburn festival after which the band will tour Europe:

17 april – Roadburn Festival, Tilburg / NL
02 mei – Headbanger’s Ball Festival, Izegem / BE
21 mei – Doornroosje, Nijmegen / NL
22 mei – De Helling, Utrecht / NL
23 mei – Sniester Festival, Den Haag / NL
28 mei – Patronaat, Haarlem / NL
29 mei – Metropool, Hengelo / NL
30 mei – Vera, Groningen / NL
19 juni – Graspop Metal Meeting, Dessel / BE
18 juli – Welcome to the Village Festival, Leeuwarden / NL

For more Dool, go here:


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