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Dool is finally releasing their much anticipated new record later this year!


Album Reviews

Dutch psychedelic rockers Dool search for heaven on earth on their sophomore album ‘Summerland’.

As far removed from the ‘ Day of the Triffids’ style of black metal from his mother band Botanist, dulcimer hammerer Dylan Neal has successfully created a unique hybrid of ancient sacral chants and industrial electronics on Thief’s sophomore record ‘Map of Lost Keys’.

Dive into the maelstrom that is Tchornobog and journey across the moonless night sky of black metal, cavernous abysses of death and desolate wastelands of doom.

Silence In The Snow’s latest release is a minimalistic Goth piece of work that shows off a big versatility in the vocal department.

Once upon a time in a country far, far away, in a small town called Bethlehem there was a young, expecting couple looking for a place to sleep. No hold on , wrong story….

Don’t adjust your sets. There is nothing wrong with your audio device. You are entering the twilight realm of Crowhurst.

Wondering what obscure dance music sounds like or if black metal can be sung in Dutch? Then have a listen to Laster’s latest record Het Wassen Oog.

Vanitas Vanitatvm in general has two dimensions where the band successfully stick to the raw black metal style then suddenly transit into slower musical passages.

When Agalloch split in the summer of 2016 this was also the birthplace of a new musical adventure started by Don Anderson, Jason William Walton and Aesop Dekker together with Aaron John Gregory from maritime prog sailors. Now two years later you can hear the result of this musical odyssey called Khôrada on their debut ‘Salt’.

Just like Vivaldi the mysterious British musician, known only as Nhor has made his own ode to the four seasons called Wildflowers where the black metal artist paints a melancholic picture of nature’s cycle with a masterful yet minimalistic use of the piano.