Ilse V.L.

Grimner – Vanadrottning

The Swedish vikings of Grimner offer you "Vanadrottning"; another serving of heavy folk metal!

Beast In Black – Berserker

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Belphegor – Totenritual

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Witchery – I am Legion

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North Hammer – Stormcaller

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Vahrzaw premiere new track ‘King In Yellow’

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Papa Roach release music video for ‘None Of The Above

Papa Roach has released a new video for 'None Of The Above', check it out here!

Tsjuder re-release and recreate debut EP ‘Throne of the Goat (1997-2017)’

Tsjuder will re-release and recreate their debut EP 'Throne of the Goat (1997-2017)', check out the details here!

Amon Amarth halfway through writing new album

Amon Amarth are halfway through writing their new album, check it out here!

Wacken Winter Nights release trailer and more names

Wacken Winter Nights have released their trailer and more names, check it out here!