Amon Amarth halfway through writing new album

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It’s been nearly two years since Jomsviking saw the daylight in 2016, but now according to Amon Amarth bassist, Ted Lundström, the band is halfway through writing the new album and is trying to get into the studio as soon as possible to start recording.

“We’re always trying to take it to the next step, but in the end, even when we say, ‘We’re gonna do something really different,’ it will still end up sounding like Amon Amarth anyways. We’re doomed — we’re always gonna sound like this (laughs).

The new album will be the first with new drummer Jocke Wallgren (ex-October Tide). Amon Amarth recruited drummer Tobias Gustafsson (Cut Up, ex-Vomitory) as a studio member to record Jomsviking after the departure of longtime drummer Fredrik Andersson in 2015.

In the video above you can also spot some Grimm members at 1:30, can you spot anyone else you know?