Dekker (Milla Club, Munich) – 01/06/2022

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Dekker, who?

Known as the American half of the Anglo-American Indie-Folk duo Rue Royale, Brookln Dekker is also now a solo artist under the surname-moniker Dekker. If you don’t know him, please do yourself a favor and listen to this fabulous musician who knows what he’s doing with an extraordinary exquisiteness and delicacy.

His debut album “Slow Reveal: Chapter One began” was released in October 2020 and the latest “I wont Be Your Foe” on year after.

The small club located in the center of Munich (Milla), was completely engulfed by this “monster” of pop/alternative music. The room was full and everyone gathered in silence to listen to the songs of Dekker, who was accompanied on this tour by two more excellent musicians who completed the live package. It was a serene encounter wrapped in beautiful, simple songs.

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