Animals As Leaders “Parrhesia EU/UK Tour” (Technikum, Munich) – 10/11/2023

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After a long wait due to numerous postponements caused by pandemics, the time has finally arrived in Munich to welcome one of the best progressive metal bands today, the American Animals As Leaders. The venue chosen was the Technikum, located outside the city centre where there are several clubs, bars and discos that fill up every weekend to welcome the party animals. The conditions of the room are ideal for hosting events like this, where the sound in the room can be controlled in a more detailed way and the audience should certainly not exceed 800.

Opening the evening, a mix of post-metal and djent, Allt are powerful and managed to warm up the night a little, but the fans were there to see something and were excited and impatient for moments of ecstasy with their idols.

Known for their superior technical skills, the Animals As Leaders presented themselves in a very professional and focused manner. With minimal communication with the audience, they only announced their songs and mentioned that this was the biggest concert they had ever given in Munich. Despite a little too much volume and bass in the room, in my opinion, they enchant everyone present with technical details that only a few in this world can execute so cleanly and precisely, even under the pressure of an audience almost entirely made up of musicians. Tosi Abasi and Javier Reyes showed why they are the cream of the crop of technical guitarists, with the enormous complicity and joy of those who play their instruments with love and enjoyment, and this is reflected in those watching from the other side. On drums, completely blowing everything out of the water, was Matt Garstka, also at a super high level.

To sum up the evening, we can say that the Gods of Djent came to earth in Munich and gave a concert that will remain in our memories for a long time.

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