Bloodywood “Rakshak Europe tour 2023” (Backstage, Munich) – 15/03/2023

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It’s been 4 years since I saw the Indian band Bloodywood live for the first time. I confess that the performance at Wacken was a pleasant surprise, but I felt that the band lacked live experience or nervousness hurt the performance, the songs seemed ill-prepared to be performed in front of so many fans. After all this time and after a pandemic that made many people stay at home, it seems that Bloodywood prepared themselves very well and return to Europe with an inexhaustible force and energy, stoked to present their first album Rakshak live. This time they have completely convinced me, without any doubt about their talent, effort, dedication to be better.

In Munich the night was simply demolishing, leaving the audience with the feeling of wanting a bit more, which unfortunately wasn’t possible, probably due to the short report the band has. On stage one member of the band was missing, who was sick, but didn’t stop performing live, being up there, far away from everyone, playing his bass in an imposing way. I am thankful that I had the opportunity, even if I was informed at the last minute that I would be able to participate in this show, I knew I had to be there.

Opening the night were Lake Malice who are growing impressively and showed why they are considered one of the most exciting alternative metal bands in the UK. Alice is a real blast live, and the band come onstage to break everything from start to finish. Keep your eyes peeled for these gentlemen!

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