Pixies (Tonhalle, Munich) – 28/02/2023

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If there is one band that has been repeatedly referred to as a source of inspiration for other great names in the history of rock such as Weezer, Pearl Jam, The Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, PJ Harvey, Nirvana, among many others, it is the Pixies. The veteran American band is back on the road and brings with them their new album “Doggerel”.

The Tonhalle is packed to bursting point and people of all ages are looking forward to an intense night. The Wunderhorse open the hostel and despite their young appearance they are very mature on stage, showing rock songs with a lot of identity and melody. Their debut album “Cub” was released last year, and it deserves a chance to be heard, because it is surprisingly good!

At 9pm Frank Black and company take the stage, the band presents itself in a relaxed way, the songs are strong, and the audience knows the band well.
Relaxing start with 3 great hits “Wave of Mutilation (Uk Surf)”. Where is My Mind” and “Here Comes Your Man” and during the night the presentation of some new songs to the Munich public, together with other existent from the past that are still current and that make the show. In a night of revival, the Pixies show that the years go by, and they are still alive, being living legends of rock that will never be forgotten!

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