Crossfaith “Synchronicity Tour” (Backstage, Munich) – 25/02/2020

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We travel to the Backstage Club in Munich to watch one more concert of the World Tour of the Japanese Crossfaith.

The band to open the night was Black Futures. The duo arrives from the UK, armed with machines and analog instruments. They mix rock, punk and electronic music, in an innovative, hard and perfect way, leaving no one indifferent to their performance on stage, even if the room was only half full.

From the other side of the world, came the Australians Ocean Grove. The sound is a mixture of styles, where nu-metal is predominant. Live they are an energetic and effective band in approaching the public, managing to empathize with those present, “drawing out” a lot of excitement in the audience.

I often say that the Japanese people live in a separate world, and the intelligence and efficiency with which they prepare their live shows is impressive. Everything planned in detail, from the warm up until the moment the band come on stage, heroically!

Crossfaith are one of the best non-mainstream bands on the market today, and anyone who attends their concerts can taste a little of that.
The show in Munich was excellent in all aspects, with good sound, good lights, lots of mosh pits, and a lot of respect for the loyal Munich audience who once again attended and filled the Backstage Hall.

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