Black Box Mikkeli 2021: Bloodred Hourglass – 29/10/2021

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Just recently, Finnish melodeath outfit Bloodred Hourglass released an absolute banger of a new album with ‘Your Highness’ and that needs a proper celebration. And while they were again unlucky enough to have to postpone their Helsinki show, they still had their gig in their hometown of Mikkeli. When Jarkko Koukonen told us in an interview that it’ll be the biggest show they’ve ever played, both in length (with basically a double setlist) and production, and seeing that they gathered some quality bands like Wolfheart, Sara and Balance Breach with them, we just knew we had to be at the very first Black Box event at the brand new Saimaa Stadium in Mikkeli and took a long drive all the way there…

With pictures of Balance Breach, Sara, Wolfheart and Bloodred Hourglass:

Balance Breach



Bloodred Hourglass

For a full report of the night, go here.

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