The 2nd day of Steelfest XI, a day with intense performances from bands like Ymir, Infernal, Totalselfhatred, Ride For Revenge, and Kalmankantaja, a couple of firsts with Gravespawn and Grenadier visiting Europe for the first time, blistering shows by Tsatthoggua, Sex Messiah, and Witchtrap, and legendary black metal acts Gehenna, Behexen and Carpathian Forest!

Blackened progressive metal project Dawn Of Ouroboros shared their new single ‘Velvet Moon’ with accompanying video, another track from their upcoming album ‘Velvet Incandescence’, set for release via Prosthetic Records in April!

Enslaved have released a new single and video from ‘Heimdal’ with ‘Forest Dweller’. The album is set for release in March via Nuclear Blast!

Blackened progressive metal band Dawn Of Ouroboros announced their upcoming new album ‘Velvet Incandescence’ to be released in April via Prosthetic Records and released the new single/video ‘Rise From Disillusion’!

UK black metal trio Dawn Ray’d shared new single/video ‘Ancient Light’, from their upcoming new album ‘To Know The Light’ out via Prosthetic Records in March!

Enslaved just announced their 16th studio album ‘Heimdal’, set to be released in March 2023 via Nuclear Blast, and share a blistering new single with ‘Congelia’.

Progressive black metal project Bizarrekult unleashed the 2nd single ‘Du Lovet Meg’ with an amazing video, another track from the upcoming album ‘Den Tapte Krigen’ scheduled for release via Season of Mist next year!