9 singles that caught our attention in week 37 (2022)

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Every week sees tons of new singles and music videos being released. And while we try to select and collect some of the best ones every week in our weekly updated Spotify and Youtube playlists (links at the bottom of the article), every week there are a handful that really stick out in some way. Sometimes there is an incredible video that goes with the single, sometimes it's just a song that immediately catches on, or even something completely else. In this series of articles we try to regularly share a selection of those that really came to the attention of our editorial team, going from big and established names, all the way to underground and independent artists, there is no limit. We truly hope you discover some good stuff to listen to and support!

Dust In Mind

'Speak for the Voiceless'

The French metal band Dust In Mind was quite unknown to us before coming across their latest single release ‘Speak for the Voiceless‘, but they’re definitely on our radar now. Not only is the song a catchy modern metal banger, it comes with a great message that gets amplified and brought to the front even more through the music video that goes with it. With ‘Speak for the Voiceless‘, Dust In Mind stands for and once again defends a cause carrying a strong message of solidarity, compassion and brotherhood. And by putting months of effort into learning how to speak sign language to be able to use it in the video, something we haven’t seen done before by any band and it warmed our dark hearts by the wholesomeness of the whole project. Check it out for yourself and go give them some love back!

Speak for the Voiceless‘ can be found on their latest album ‘Ctrl‘, released last year!


'John Wayne Gacy'

We’ve been lucky enough to catch the murder mystery duo SKYND in Helsinki on their headlining European tour a while back (find the report here and photos here) and now they’re finally back with another absolutely captivating music video. We’ve heard the track before at shows, but now we get the single on streaming platforms and with the artistic visualization of the song ‘John Wayne Gacy‘ they blew our minds again. The depiction of John Wayne Gacy in his clown outfit is absolutely haunting and the lyrics are again put together so cleverly, telling the horrendous story of how he killed 33 or more boys.

Skynd about the track:

“The John Wayne Gacy case has been following me all my life. The level of arrogance he had, and how he spoke about his victims — ‘I killed 33, you’re only going to kill me once.’ That arrogance is something that stuck with me through today. He also had this twisted rationale for his murders, where he’d project his disgust on his rape victims and ‘what THEY made him do, ‘and that they deserved to die.”

“It’s not like Gacy never drew attention from the authorities. A teenage boy told the Chicago police that Gacy picked him up from a bus station and tried to rape him. The charges were dropped when the boy failed to show up — which is logical to me, as he was afraid — to testify in court and the incident seemingly escaped notice from the Iowa Parole Board. If someone would have looked closely, they could have prevented all the murders.”

Yet another masterpiece from a band that deserves more recognition for their artistry and amazing music, if this is the first you hear of them, go check out their earlier singles. We bet you’ll be amazed.

Lorna Shore

'Pain Remains I: Dancing Like Flames'

Ever since Will Ramos joined the American outfit Lorna Shore, they have been turning heads even more than before with their take on deathcore. On the one hand they bring absolute relentless blasters, but on the other hand they also manage to create a certain atmosphere that you could almost call symphonic. Last week they released another single that leans more towards the atmosphere building type of song with ‘Pain Remains I: Dancing Like Flames‘. The first part of the ‘Pain Trilogy‘ is an absolute belter that is somewhat taking back gas in the speed department, but that doesn’t take away anything from the heaviness. Like many comments were stating, this is the closest to what you could call a deathcore ballad and it’s absolutely impressive and touching! Add to that the captivating video telling some of the story of grief and vulnerability the trilogy is trying to convey and you’re in for quite the treat!

Lorna Shore‘s new album ‘Pain Remains‘ is scheduled for release on October 14 via Century Media Records. Get your pre-orders in here.


'Blood Moon'

The Atlanta-based glam punk rockers Starbenders have been on our radar for a while as one of the young bands that are giving rock music a promising future. Last week they dropped the new single and music video for ‘Blood Moon‘ and it’s an absolute banger again. Kicking off with a riff that is very reminiscent of Motörhead, they continue rock ‘n’ rolling, including a stomping and heavy chorus. This track blasted from our speakers more than once since it came out and we can’t get enough of the pure rockin’ out they provide yet again.This is quite literally a band you don’t want to be sleeping on!

Blood Moon‘ was released on their label Sumerian Records.

In Flames

'Foregone Pt. 1'

With ‘Foregone Pt. 1′, Swedish melodeath legends In Flames shared another teaser of what is to come with their upcoming new album ‘Foregone‘. And as so many people have reacted on the earlier singles, this one brought the same kind of positive reactions to the heavier, more old school In Flames sound that seems to have made a return for this album. We’re not sure what made this happen, but we’re all here for it since the last albums didn’t hit as hard as their work did with us before. This is going to be an absolute banging In Flames album that is now already exciting a whole lot of older fans.

In Flames‘ new album ‘Foregone‘ is scheduled for release on February 10th, 2023 via Nuclear Blast. Get your pre-orders in here. Also catch them on their North American and European tour the coming months with support from some amazing bands like Fit For An Autopsy, Orbit Culture, Vended, Meshuggah, Converge, Torche, Born of Osiris, Darkest Hour and Hammerhedd (depending on which NA date) and At The Gates, Imminence and Orbit Culture (Europe)! Get your tickets on their site right now!



Nordic folk band VÉVAKI released a stunning music video for their new song “Heimdalagaldr“, a track from their upcoming album ‘Fórnspeki‘. The track is inspired by the lost Eddic poem of the same name of which only 2 lines survived and gives us a taste of what to expect of their future release. Heilung and Wardruna fans might want to pay attention here, because what you get from this project is a similarly mesmerizing and ritualistic sounding kind of music that will spark that connection with your ancestors and nature.

The new Vévaki album ‘Fórnspeki’ is scheduled for release on October 28 via Season of Mist. Get our pre-order in HERE.

King Dude

'Pray for Nuclear War'

It’s always a pleasure to get new music from the illustrious King Dude with his dark Americana and Satan inspired music. We’ve had a good decade to enjoy his music and art and now it seems there comes an end to everything with the new and very last album ‘Death‘, as it always was intended all those years ago. The single ‘Pray for Nuclear War‘ was accompanied by a video compiled of clips shot by the band while on tour and in the studio from 2011 – 2022 and takes you on the crazy ride that has been King Dude. We’ll surely miss him dearly and new music being unleashed upon us, but at least we have a brand new album to spin over and over again.

Death‘ was released on September 16 via Ván Records.


'House of Worship'

This week, the Norwegian metal force Sahg blew us away with their banging classic heavy metal track ‘House of Worship‘ that gave us a pretty hard time not banging our heads along to the riffs! And then we’re talking about both the driving drum riff and the accompanying guitar riffs. Fittingly with the track that handles a theme of religious freedom, there came an epic music video where you can see them breaking up a service with seemingly brainwashed religious followers. A message we can stand behind completely, besides it being an absolutely great heavy metal track! Check it out!

The new Sahg album ‘Born Demon‘ is set for release on October 21 via Drakkar Entertainment.

Electric Callboy

'Arrow Of Love'

A couple of weeks ago, Electric Callboy released their new full-length ‘TEKKNO’ and we got another one of their entertaining music videos as well, this time for the track ‘Arrow Of Love‘. The track is probably one of the most wholesome and uplifting heavy tracks of recent times with a chorus that will stick to you like pink bubblegum. Add to that the video featuring Kalle Koschinsky in an upgraded version of Cupid spreading the love around in a hilarious way and with great results. We’ve blasted the track at our headquarters more than once whenever we needed a “pick me up” and we advise you to give it a shot as well!

Electric Callboy‘s new album ‘TEKKNO‘ is out now via Century Media Records.

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