SKYND (Vanha Ylioppilastalo, Helsinki) – 01/09/2022

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Some musical projects are simply unique, sometimes with their music, other times with their lyrics and themes, other times with their aesthetics. I think it’s easy to say that SKYND is rather unique on all of these levels. The way they combine industrial music with poppy qualities to sing about serial murders, murder mysteries and horrendous things that happened in the past including some very distinct looks and imagery is something we haven’t seen done before like this. SKYND isn’t just music. It’s an experience. It’s a happening. It’s something that’ll easily speak to people from all walks of life if they’re any bit intrigued by the dark side of life and murder mysteries. We’ve been following what they’re doing since they suddenly popped up with their very first single and haven’t been disappointed with anything they’ve done. So when we saw they were going to drop by a couple of places close to us on their European tour, we just had to be there.

For a full report of the night, go have a read here.

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