News Posts

Necrowretch announced their upcoming album ‘Swords of Dajjal’ to be released via Season of Mist, and summons the dead on first single ‘Numidian Knowledge’!

France’s most enigmatic post-punk and industrial band Kill The Thrill announced their upcoming album ‘Autophagie’ set for release early next year via Season of Mist and unveil the first single with the title track!

Icelandic black metal duo Helfró unleashed a second track from the upcoming album ‘Tálgröf’ (set for release via Season of Mist in December) with ‘Ildi Óhreins Anda’!

Helga releases a second single ‘Burden’ of their upcoming Season of Mist debut album ‘Wrapped in Mist’, an ethereal affair that hints at hopefull beginnings!

New prog supergroup TEMIC shared another single/video with ‘Mothallah’, a track from their upcoming debut album ‘Terror Management Theory’ set for release next month via Season of Mist!

Gaerea shared the secret track ‘Dormant’ with the rest of the world, including a video evoking suffering on themselves for the greater goal in pursuit of artistic excellence!

Helga signs to Season of Mist for future releases! If you’re looking for an exciting mix of black metal, Swedish folk, pop, progressive metal and post-rock, don’t look further!

Belgian death metal crushers Carnation unleash another track from their upcoming album ‘Cursed Mortality’ with ‘Metropolis’! The album is set for release in November via Season of Mist!

New Finnish black metal project Night Shall Drape Us, featuring members of Horna and Behexen, signed with Season of Mist for the release of their debut album somewhere in 2024!

Album Reviews

Belgian death metal powerhouse Carnation is one of the few bands to tackle its style with the precise sound of Swedish death metal, while maintaining a signature sound and daring to experiment with things from time to time. Their third, and massive album “Cursed Mortality” is out now, via Season of Mist, and one you won’t want to miss out on as one of the best releases of the year in our books!

After embedding their sound in the realms of blackened death/doom, U.K.’s quartet Strigoi returns with a short EP “Bathed in A Black Sun”, presenting fans with exclusive and unreleased tracks out via Season of Mist.

Fifth album “Ontological Mysterium” from the US metal four-piece Horrendous is a sonic feast for fans of technical/progressive death metal. The album shines with its intricate guitar work with a superb level of technicality. Released a couple of weeks ago via Season of Mist.

The Finnish veterans …And Oceans have delivered one of their best works to date ‘As in Gardens, So in Tombs’ which stands as their most accomplished album since their masterwork debut ‘The Dynamic Gallery of Thoughts’. This is simply a feast for fans of symphonic and melodic black metal. Out via Season of Mist.

Norwegian black metal elite Tsjuder have created a masterpiece on its sixth album “Helvegr”. The duo Nag and Draugluin take a furious classic direction into the frost-bitten style of bands like Marduk, Mayhem and Immortal. Out via Season of Mist!

On the third abum ‘Black Flame Eternal’ the Atlanta-based quartet Cloak has honed their black metal/gothic/black metal craft to create their magnum opus. Recommended for fans of Uada, Tribulation, and Satyricon, it is out now on Season of Mist.

Omega Infinity’s sophomore album ‘The Anticurrent’ invites us into deeply cosmic lyrical concepts, bringing intensity and bizarre cosmic themes. Out via Season of Mist.

The sophomore release from the Portuguese duo Oak steps into the modern spectrum of funeral doom and death metal, piecing together a performance that results in a rather more dark and sinister persona of Oak’s unsettling music. ‘Disintegrate’ is out on Season of Mist.

“Never Surrender” is much of a continuation to its predecessor but the quartet stampedes into a wildfire like tempos, the songs are fast, relentlessly aggressive, and infectious. Deströyer 666 has returned with impressive work that conveys the classic hallmarks of heavy/speed and blackened thrash metal, released via Season of Mist.

”Viscera” is a sonic nightmare sustained by the abrasive elements of blackened death doom, Strigoi depicts utter bleakness and redefines its style where the band takes a logical step forward from the debut album. Released via Season of Mist.