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CARNATION announce live album and release video of ‘Reincarnation’

The Belgian death metal greats of Carnation announce the physical release of their live stream and release the first live video for 'Reincarnation'!

GOAT TORMENT released third new track of ‘Forked Tongues’

Belgian blackened death metal outfit Goat Torment released a third and last track before the official release of their 'Forked Tongues' album!

Heilung release limited edition mead and beer!

Heilung collaborated with a meadery and brewery to create the perfect beer and mead to fit with their pagan folk/amplified history music!

BASTARÐUR release brand new song “The Whispering Beast”

Crust punk project BASTARÐUR unleash another track from upcoming album 'Satan's Loss of Son'!

Gaahls Wyrd announced ‘The Humming Mountain’ mini-album and released a 1st track

Gaahls Wyrd announced an upcoming new mini-album and revealed the title track 'The Humming Mountain'!

NECROFIER share music video for ‘Betrayal of the Queen’

Texan black metal battalion Necrofier unleashed their third single for the upcoming debut 'Prophecies of Eternal Darkness'!

GOAT TORMENT release second track from ‘Forked Tongues’

Belgian blackened death metal outfit Goat Torment unleash a second track from their upcoming new album 'Forked Tongues'!

ARCHSPIRE released second track of ‘Bleed the Future’

The Canadian tech death misfits of Archspire unleashed the title track of their upcoming 'Bleed The Future' album!