GRIMM’s top picks of concert photography 2021

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We already shared several lists with some of our favorite and best albums of 2021, which eventually culminated into “GRIMM’s albums of the year 2021” (check it out here). Besides plenty of album reviews and live reports coming from our dedicated writers, we also have a small group of talented photographers in Belgium, Germany and Finland. As much as the present situation allowed it, we sent them out again to many concerts and festivals. To highlight the amazing talent that we have within our team, we asked our photographers to make a selection of their best and/or favorite concert pics and this is the result


With pictures of Reckless Love, Stratovarius, Amorphis, Rotting Christ, Bloodred Hourglass, Mors Subita, Battle Beast, Mustasch, Turmion Kätilöt, One Desire, Noora Louhimo Experience and Omnium Gatherum:


With pictures of 10CC, Knives to a Gunfight and Fleddy Melculy:


With pictures of Brutus, Carneia, Dyscordia, La Muerte, Liar, Mother Mercury, Psychonaut, Spoil Engine, Turpentine Valley and Wallace Vanborn:


With pictures of The Disaster Area, Kalaska and Venues:

Tom T.

With pictures of Snakes In The Casket, Thundermother, Heart of Chrome, Liv Kristine, Sons of Sound, Die Heydays, Mindead and Fateful Finality:

Tom V.M.

With pictures of Igorrr, Portland, Blackbriar, Reject The Sickness, Pogo Car Crash Control, Our Common Sense, Thurisaz, Horskh and Temptations For The Weak:


With pictures of Finntroll, Swallow The Sun, One Morning Left, Lost Society, Warmoon Lord, Sargeist, Horna, The Empire Strikes, Sonata Arctica, I Revolt, Fear of Domination, Crucify The Faith, Balance Breach, Bloodred Hourglass, Priest, Ashbury Heights, Covenant, RelaxTrio and The Flaming Sideburns:

Let’s hope that 2022 can bring many great events our way again!

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