Eivør (Tavastia, Helsinki) – 10/04/2022

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Finally she’s back! Almost 5 years ago I had the pleasure to see Eivør Pálsdóttir for the first time live since discovering her with the enchanting ‘Trøllabundin’ track. Now the lovely Eivør is back to play at exactly the same venue I saw her last: legendary Helsinki rock club Tavastia. With in the mean time yet another album under her belt with 2020’s ‘Segl’, it’s a show I’ve been looking forward to for a long time now. With her she brought the Danish funky alt-pop artist Lucky Lo to warm us up for her sweet and mesmerizing music and storytelling.

Lucky Lo

First up was Lucky Lo, who came on stage all by her lonesome, only accompanied by her banjo. The songs she played were heartfelt and touching pieces that managed to get the already quite filled up room completely quiet. Songs about love, being kind and a “supercarrier”, a term she explained as putting yourself aside to be someone’s superhero to carry them and also the title of the album she released only a couple of weeks ago. A few of the songs played were a live world premiere of sorts like for instance ‘Love Is a Stranger’ from that recently released album. And seeing how captivating and beautiful the songs already were in this stripped down, “back to basics” version, we can only imagine how gorgeous it would be when she has her full band along to back her. We hope we get the chance to catch a proper show from this lovely person some time in the near future!


When it was about time for Eivør to start her set, the crowd and anticipation had grown steadily. Some moody and mysterious soundscapes came from the speakers and Eivør and her band quietly came on stage in the darkness. A spotlight emerged from the darkness, lighting up Eivør and off we went with ‘Mánasegl‘ and ‘Let It Come‘, both tracks from her gorgeous latest release ‘Segl‘ (2020). As soon as you hear her amazing voice and see the passion with which she and the guys with her play the music, it simply grabs you and takes you away on a magical trip. With ‘Brotin‘ we get one of those tracks that are mostly centered around a quirky beat and Eivør playing with her voice, somewhat reminding me of an artist like Björk. Which was a perfect warmup for one of my personal favorites to be played: ‘Salt‘. Whenever she picks up her frame drum, you just know it’s going to be something special. The rest of the set continued to flow between more recent work from her ‘Segl‘ album and older work, the one track an oral orgasm of trance-inducing soundscapes and other tracks extremely intimate tearjerkers that plucked everyone’s heartstrings.

A couple of highlights were the absolutely mesmerizing ‘Lívstræðrir‘, which is part of the ‘The Last Kingdom‘ soundtrack, and of course the trilogy of ‘Í Tokuni‘, ‘Gullspunnin‘ and ‘Trøllabundin’, which closed the regular set out. While I truly love her more rock or pop style songs, I’m an absolute sucker for these tracks where she digs up something from deep within that has roots in our ancient culture. Tracks like these also show how amazing Eivør‘s vocal range is and how amazing and unique she is as an artist, singer and musician. I’ll never get enough of seeing tracks like these live, it gets me every. single. time. As a little gift for everyone sticking it out till the end, we still got the soaring fan favorite track ‘Falling Free‘ and what a way to send us home floating on little clouds… Eivør, we adore you and can’t wait ’till you make it back to a stage anywhere near us.


Let It Come
Only Love
Nothing to Fear
Sleep on It
This City
True Love
Í Tokuni

Falling Free

For more pictures of the show, go check out our photo report here.

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