News Posts

Belgian melodic metal outfit Elusion announced their upcoming new album ‘The Fundamental Paradox’ and shared the first new single ‘Science|Fiction’!

Belgian deathrash up-and-comers Schizophrenia released their new full-length and celebrate with a brand new video for the track ‘Divine Immolation’!

Belgian metal outfit Aeveris released their brand new single featuring Sven from Aborted on guest vocals!

Belgian modern metal outfit Suasion partners up with Atomic Fire Records and unleash the single and video ‘Murphy’s Law’!

Belgian electro rock outfit Goose announced their upcoming new album ‘Endless’ and unveil the first single and title track

Evil Invaders announce their upcoming new album ‘Shattering Reflection’ and unleash what could be called a ballad for the extreme heavy metal band!

Belgian deathrashers of Schizophrenia unleash a new track from their upcoming new full-length ‘Recollections Of The Insane’!

Get ready to get pummeled to pieces by the latest single of Wiegedood’s upcoming new full-length album!

The Belgian melodic metal outfit Fabulae Dramatis released another single with ‘Lead Astray •|• Indigo’!

Photo Reports


Pictures of the recent Brutus concert in Trix, Antwerp with support band Junior.

Pics of a night of rock ‘n’ roll and old school rocking at On The Rocks in Helsinki with The Vintage Caravan and Black Mirrors!

Swedish punk rock band Satanic Surfers played their very first Belgian live show in Ostend. Now, about twenty years later, they return. This time they played in Elysée and brought Antillectual, BRLRS and Wasted 24/7.

On 11/11 the guys from Rock ‘n Load Concerts hosted a great celtic night with The Rumjacks and Nevermind Nessie at De Cinema, Aalst. Sniff up the atmosphere right here by checking out the photos!

Album Reviews

Breaking free from the mold, Wiegedood has created a musical masterpiece of discomfort, extremes and harshness!

Off The Cross shows that they’re a fresh wind in the scene with ‘Enjoy It While It Lasts’ and here to stay!

Belgium’s BleedSkin are about to drop their first full-length album. Have the death metal quintet managed to rise to the challenge?

Belgian death metal outfit Bones unleashes pure and uncut hell upon the world under the form of 2 monstrous tracks!

To celebrate their North American tour (that ended up not happening), Aborted released a 3 track EP for their fans.

The Belgian outfit Thurisaz releases their 5th full-length, pouring their hearts and souls into it after a tough period.

Belgian metal outfit Chalice brings an appetizer to what is to become most likely a full-length release. Check it out!

Hell on Earth in Antwerp? Dance along with Spankraght’s self-released debut album, ‘Thou Shalt Drown in the Blood Of Thy Children’ to learn the full story.

Belgian metal band Téras delivers a nasty thrash record interlaced with the right amount of black and death metal to kick in some teeth!

The Belgian maniacs from speed metal outfit Bütcher released their second album and it’s quite the blistering metal attack!