Symphonic metal unit Cathubodua released new album ‘Interbellum’!

With their new album offering, “Interbellum”, CATHUBODUA is about to unleash a storm that will enrapture fans of symphonic metal from all over the world! The album is out now on Massacre Records and available as CD and Digital formats, order your copy at 

Following CATHUBODUA‘s impressive debut EP in 2016, their first full-length tells the tale of the creation and destruction of a war goddess – from high hopes, power, and dreams, to love lost and how to deal with an eternal burning guilt. These intense emotions are musically displayed in a more grandiose and intense way than the band ever did before, incorporating more ideas and influences from heavier metal genres this time. Give ear, as in support of the record release, the band has premiered a music video for their latest single “Amidst Gods”!

CATHUBODUA vocalist Sara Vanderheyden tells us about the song:

“Contemplate the enormity of wielding divine powers. Imagine an eternity, witnessing your loved ones die, witnessing the decay of the world before your very own eyes? Would you try and change the world for the better?

This song is a linchpin for the album’s narrative: even our gods seem to be human and can suffer from hubris and anger – and that absolute rage is embodied in this song. A bombastic arrangement of minimalist orchestrations provides the perfect canvas for the metal elements to resound. Unprecedented soaring riffs and thunderous blast beats, unheard by Cathubodua before, converge in a symphony inspired by the dark depths of black metal themes, bearing raw, edgy contours that mirror the lyrical essence.

The song encapsulates the essence of feeling wronged by life and being worthy of receiving much more, certainly when you have the divine authority to seize it. It draws inspiration from those profound moments of mental desolation, profound loneliness, and overwhelming depression—moments where one would grasp at any semblance of relief, even if it leads to the addiction of destruction.”

The band’s new album “Interbellum” will hit you in the face, not just emotionally and lyrically but musically. This time, the guitars are allowed a way more prominent role on the album and generate a massive driving force that carries you through the stories. CATHUBODUA‘s first full-length magnum opus is raw and heavier than anything the band has ever done before, without compromising on the epic violin melodies, the heavenly orchestrations and vocalist Sara‘s immense vocal range! 

The album was produced with Yarne Heylen at Project Zero Studio, and was mixed and mastered by Erwin Hermsen at the Toneshed Recording Studio. The stunning artwork has been created by Jelle van Loo.

“Interbellum” track listing:

1. Effigy Of Aftermath

2. Foretelling

3. Will Unbroken

4. Amidst Gods

5. The Mirror

6. Goddess Fallacy

23.02.2024 BE Bree – Ragnarok Live Club
24.02.2024 FR Lille – La Brat Cave
08.03.2024 BE Kortrijk – De Verlichte Geest
09.03.2024 DE Nordhorn – Grafschafter Metalfest
23.03.2024 BE Liège – MJ Chênée
29.03.2024 BE Turnhout – JH Wollewei
30.03.2024 BE Brussels – De Schakel
13.04.2024 BE Gullegem – Gullegem Metal Fest
19.04.204 NL Weert – Zigzag (Release Show)
18.05.2024 BE Antwerp – Antwerp Metal Fest
28.07.2024 BE Ramsel – Asgard Rock & Metal Fest
31.10.2024 BE Diest – Club Hell

Sara Vanderheyden – Vocals & Orchestrations
Arvid Vermote – Violin
Robin Ritzen – Guitars
Peter Thielemans – Bass
Harald Bouten – Drums

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