Abbath “Dread Reaver Europe 2024” (Backstage, Munich) – 06/02/2024

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The extensive tour of Norwegian veteran Abbath finally passed through Munich. As always, there was a huge turnout to see a black metal project that is interesting even for those who aren’t big fans of the genre. Abbath is much loved in Munich and the audience made their admiration felt, reacting in an effusive and intense way with countless mosh pits throughout the performance. Opening the proceedings were two bands who practice thrash/speed metal, and, as you’d expect, the confusion was immense from start to finish. The Scots Hellripper came on strong and showed what they were made of, hard as steel! And the Americans, Toxic Holocaust entered the stage as if a hurricane was passing through the Backstage, the room simply didn’t stop for a second, with lots of mosh, a huge circle pit and stage diving. It was one of those intense nights that shows how much metal is healthy and alive.

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