Interview Off The Cross – “We just started writing music we wanted to play”

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Belgium has been on the rise lately in the metal and rock community as a name that equals quality in music. With international stars like for instance Amenra, our little country is getting a firm position on the map more and more. And there is now another band that might soar to great heights: Off The Cross. Having been around for a while, they’ve always done things their own way. But now with the new album ‘Enjoy It While It Lasts’ they’re clearly taking a big step towards international fame. The first single ‘The Dance’ was a massive hit with the modern sound and “fuck it all” attitude. So we just had to sit down with vocalist Daan Swinnen and have a chat about the new album and how they are going to take over the world…

We had a chat with Daan Swinnen (vocals) from the Belgian up-and-coming metal outfit Off The Cross about their new album ‘Enjoy It While It Lasts’. Daan told us how excited he was to finally get to share the music they’ve been sitting on for a couple of years due to delays with the pandemic, how they took a chance on changing their sound somewhat, writing the music they wanted to play, and all the good reactions that went beyond expectations. He also gave us some perspective on how the different approach of Jens (guitars) in writing music gives them an edge and touches on some of the things inspiring the themes and lyrics. Overall, they feel blessed that they can make the music they want to and simply have fun, which is apparent from the music videos in which they play dress up, inspired by what Foo Fighters often do in their videos. Besides that, Daan talks about the guests featured on the album (Coen Janssen from Epica, Fabienne from Eluveitie,…) and who he personally would love to work with in the future, going from Dua Lippa to Randy Blythe (Lamb of God).

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