News Posts

Up-and-coming stoner rockers Bird’s View premiered the new song and music video ‘Phoning’ via Drakkar Entertainment! Get ready for some proper rocking out!

Melodic punk rockers Lucifer Star Machine launched their new single and music video ‘I Wanted Everything’, from their upcoming album ‘Satanic Age’ set for release in April 2023 via The Sign Records!

UK modern metallists Cabin Boy Jumped Ship premiered a brand new video for ‘Deluded’, a track from their latest album ‘Sentiments’, released earlier this year via AFM Records!

Gothic/death rock outfit The Sade release video for ‘End Of Time’, a track from their recently via Go Down Records released new album ‘Nocturna’!

Helsinki based heavy doom & occult stoner rockers Ciminero signed to Argonauta Records for the release of their 2nd album which is in the works as we speak!

German black metal outfit Dæmonesq release a the title track from their upcoming EP ‘The Beauty of Letting Go’!

In celebration of the release of their debut full-length ‘Killing Moons’, Mercury Circle released the video for ‘Like Matches’, featuring Cammie Gilbert from Oceans of Slumber!

German anonymous black metal collective Dødsdrift unleashed the first single of their upcoming new album ‘Ødnis’!

Dawn of Solace, Tuomas Saukkonen’s doom & gloom project is already back with yet another album ‘Flames of Perdition’, check out the first single ‘White Noise’!

Album Reviews

Off The Cross shows that they’re a fresh wind in the scene with ‘Enjoy It While It Lasts’ and here to stay!

Death metal dripping with evil, that’s what you can expect from Portugal’s Okkultist!