Interview Lost In Grey – “On this album we’re diving more under the surface to see what’s happening inside the characters.”

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Among the many theatrical and symphonic metal outfits that are around, the Finnish outfit Lost In Grey has always stuck out somewhat. With their epic, cinematic and rather experimental take on the genre, it seems with every new album they’re trying to outdo themselves and are very much doing things their way. On July 2nd, they are releasing their 3rd full-length ‘Under The Surface’ and going on the singles they already released (of which the first was an almost 10 min long epic), things are going to be majestic again on this one. A good moment to go have a chat with main composer/keyboardist/vocalist Harri and main lyricist/vocalist Anne about the upcoming album…

We had a chat about how Harri likes to challenge himself every time when composing by doing things slightly different, how the story of the album centers again around the same characters in the band’s self-created fantasy world “The Grey Realm” but this time rather goes and has a look at what is under the surface and what moves the characters in their adventures. We also discuss how they got to the fully Finnish song ‘Varja‘ and epic ending trilogy track ‘Stardust‘, and an interesting book that inspired Anne for the lyrics on ‘Stardust‘. Lastly, they bring up a couple of pretty cool artists/musicians they would love to collab with in the future if possible and at the end, Anne wishes that everyone will remember to support the artists they like, the way they’ve been doing during these crazy pandemic times!

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