Interview Omnium Gatherum – “It just fitted perfect to make a good OG song of it.”

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After having released a pretty epic full-length with ‘Origin’ and expanding their line-up with a second guitarist under the form of Nick Cordle, Omnium Gatherum set out to release a new EP called ‘Slasher’. With a completely new track, an interesting cover of the famous 80s track ‘Maniac’ and some leftover songs from that earlier album, it’s a pretty packed little musical gem. So we thought it to be a good moment to catch up with vocalist Jukka Pelkonen for a quick chat about how things have been and what is up at the OG camp…

At first we had a bit of a chat with Jukka about the US tour they just came back from, where Jukka filled in the empty spot that Chrigel left with Eluveitie for that tour and how he prepared for that.  But then about their new EP ‘Slasher‘, we talked about the fact that it is featuring the first new track with their new guitarist Nick Cordle, and how he crushed it on that song. The cover of ‘Maniac‘ came mostly from the label asking for it and Markus Vanhala suggesting “what about this one?”, where they felt the song really worked well to make a good OG song out of it. So much so that their producer at first didn’t realize that it was a cover and not an original track!

Then the couple of leftover songs from their latest album ‘Origin‘ were tracks they really liked but weren’t able to fit in the flow of that album. So they didn’t want to keep those from their fans. Lastly, he told us that they are working on new music and that it’ll be again a pretty cool thing, but we also shortly talk a bit still about their upcoming festival shows, like Brutal Assault and the European tour in Autumn with an interestingly diverse line-up with Paradise Lost, Primordial and Harakiri For The Sky.

For all of that and more go see the full interview on our Youtube channel or right here:
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