Interview Silver Bullet – “This time we also wanted to make these easier, more catchy songs”

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Finland is really well-known for its constant stream of quality metal music output, and some of the more popular bands often have a very symphonic nature. One such band that has been steadily on the rise to be one of Finland’s most promising symphonic metal outfits, is Silver Bullet. A couple of years ago they recruited a new vocalist with Bruno Proveschi, and now they’re finally about to release their first full-length album with him on vocal duty with ‘Shadowfall’ (out via Reaper Entertainment on January 20). About time for us to sit down with both Bruno and Hannes Horma (guitars, vocals, keyboards) to have a short chat with them about how things are going…

When briefly talking about what their highlights would be of a quite busy 2022, both Bruno and Hannes agree pretty fast on the tour they got to do in support of Stratovarius. Being able to share a stage with such a legendary band in the same style of metal as Silver Bullet is playing was of course quite incredible for them, especially since they’re both quite the fan of the band. Another highlight they quickly came with, was the show they got to play at Finland’s biggest rock and metal festival: Rockfest. Being able to be at a bigger event and stage like that, in front of so many people was quite exhilarating.

When getting into the new music and upcoming ‘Shadowfall‘ album, they expressed to be really surprised with the amount of positive reactions to the singles. Even though they released 3 very different songs, the reactions overall were really positive to them all, and it seems the diversity built the right kind of expectations with their listeners. For this album it was also very interesting to write new music since it was the first time with Bruno on vocal duties, and it was somewhat different from how it was with their former vocalist. Just like they needed to adjust the old music slightly here and there for Bruno to be able to properly perform the songs, the new songs had a slight shift in sound. While still of course maintaining the signature Silver Bullet sound. When asked, they were saying to be really looking forward to getting to play ‘Soul Reaver‘ live, which is a faster and heavier more power metal song on the new album, inspired by the game of the same name. Hannes also brought up ‘Dusk Of Dawn’ as one they’re looking forward to play live for their fans, which is a longer song with many different parts.

Talking about playing live, they were really excited about the “Winter Wonder” Europe tour to finally be happening, supporting Seven Spires and Twilight Force for some epic symphonic and power metal nights all over the continent. Lastly, we still had a short chat about where their stage outfits, or better, uniforms came from and if they had any story behind them. Catch Silver Bullet with Seven Spires and Twilight Force and their killer shows at a place near you starting from January 20!

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